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  1. It's been awhike since I have been on here, recently acquired this 98 SAS Pathfinder with a very reputable build sheet.... This one has a SAS with a d44 out of a 79 bronco with Reid racing knuckles, arb air locker in rear, Tom woods front and rear driveshafts, Tom woods slip yoke eliminator, a 3.3 that is now a 3.4 with diamond racing pistons, and European racing cams, upgraded calmini 4:1 gears, 5 Speed manul trans, dual battery system with upgraded alternator that you can weld off of at 2k rpms, snorkel, 10 gallon fresh water storage tank.... the list goes on.
  2. So I put my snorkel on yesterday and decided to take my pathfinder out and test it, it went through every obstacle with ease; I am very excited to finally have it running again. I also put on a custom higher exhaust with a short shot flowmaster that is high flow; and with snorkel acts like a cold air intake so I have notice a little HP gain. Also noticed that the tires never rubbed even at full flex thanks to the fender trimming. When I got it home with the new exhaust but no snorkel yet: New snorkel and exploring:
  3. Find out where the tick is coming from using a stethiscope, that is how I found my engine noise. I found a knock/tick in my lower end through the oil pan, I took the oil pan off and low and behold the rod bearings for #5 & #6 cylinder had a little play up and down so I just replaced all the rod and main bearings.
  4. Exactly, and I am running mile markers. Plus the cut front fenders make the lift look bigger.
  5. I think I know who helped you out, he is a good friend of mine. Good thing Walmart isn't that far from there.
  6. I actually used herculiner but it is pretty much the same thing....
  7. I get all my lights including HID's from ddmtuning.com
  8. Thanks, it is all starting to come together, just a little longer and it will be ready for the trails again.
  9. So I have been slowly working on the pathy when I have time between working and traveling and my new son. But here is the newest mods, just cut the front and rear fenders, fiberglassed the rear fenders to make smother and then rhino lined over it all. I still need to transfer the rocker guards which will be rhino lined as well, and the snorkel. Then I have a bunch of engine work to do like valve cover gaskets, plenum gasket, spark plugs, water pump/timing belt, and a couple other odds and ends. Here is my progress so far:
  10. I am still selling parts off my 1999.5 LE 4X4 pathy in the parts section, sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to some of you but I have been traveling for work. I have a post in the parts for sale section that you can put all requests in or send me a private message. I am giving first dibs to the parts already requested by members previousely; and if they pass on them then they are up for grabs. Let me know if anyone needs anything.
  11. Thanks, I'm almost done with the rebuild and will post updated pics soon; can't wait to get it back on the trail again

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