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  1. Well, right after rolling over 250000 miles, my timing belt broke which bent all the valves and the pathfinder is no more. I just couldn't keep dumping money into it to keep it going. I'm not gonna lie though, i wish it hadn't broke down cause i drove the piss out of it and it took on everything i put in front of it. i'd say it was the best $900 investment i've ever made with a vehicle. i bought another truck, a toyota. it is a 85 model 4wd 5sp. i couldnt be happier with this truck either but i'm having a few issues with the clutch pedal.. i push it in and nothing happens so i gotta get that fixed. i have the pathfinder back now so i'll be making a post in the parts for sale section. i appreciate all the info and everybody on here because it sure has helped me out when i couldn't figure out what was wrong with the pathy that week, lol.
  2. man.. in all the years i've had my pathy, my locks have never worked and nothing has ever been stolen. which is a relief because i have alot of $$$ in the stereo. i hope i dont knock on wood.
  3. thanks guys.. i know a shop down the road that can order them for me and i won't have to pay the shipping and all that.
  4. I've put about 30,000 miles on my timberline mt's and they are shot to hell and back. i guess maybe an alignment and other little things woulda helped me out there but the time has come to get some new tires. i've been looking at other trucks (superduty or a z71) but i've finally made my decision to keep the pathfinder and dump more money into it. i dont know what it is about the pATHY but i cant let it go, lol. i've been looking at tires online and i'm wondering where the best place to order them online is? i was leaning towards swampers but they just aren't reasonable for the driving i have to do everyday for work so i think i'm gonna go with dunlop mt's or the kuhmo's. i've looked at tirerack and a few other places. where would y'all recommend to get them online at? thanks!
  5. Got a killer deal on some basically new 32 x 10.5's. i know... search search but i have only have limited access to a computer now because mine finally died. will these 32's fit on my stock 88 pathy?
  6. Not everybody slacks when they are high... for instance, i've been cookin in a kitchen for a year and a half now and i never get high before work nor do i hardly ever smoke period anymore because the last time i did, my left hand went in the fryer and the rest is history from there..haha. but, we've had alot of cooks come and go and they all smoke and we've had a few who honestly could not work if they weren't high. i'm not defending it.. just putting out some other words here. those were some good stories there.. i dont really like the idea the guy in the 2nd story had though.. a chillum (spelling?) would prob. come in a lot more handy.
  7. i saw that last night when i was goin that magazine.. i was wonderin whos that was.. good job!
  8. mine came off when i took my fenders off to put on the spotlights..they never went back on so i just tossed em off to the side
  9. i had that problem in my 88. plugs were all loose and whatnot. fixed that and i haven't really had a problem with it since.
  10. ahhh the good buds...
  11. tainted vodka.. who would ever think of that panama city beach.. a little to much vodka had me looking like this
  12. i put mine underneath the radio area. it fits in there just perfect and i have my whip mounted on the tire carrier.
  13. gabod7


    yeah, thats what im talkin about. if you can manage to put down a 6 pack of these nasty little things, you will be feeling right all night
  14. lol thats good. whatever floats your boat cause personally i'd get it all camo.. theres my redneck factor.
  15. gabod7


    Bud Light, Miller Light, a little High Life and a little Steel Reserve
  16. dang, i remember posting on this thread a year ago. now it's just bud light and miller light. sometimes a little SC, GG or Capt Morgan's
  17. i dont mean to sound rude.. but why in bed liner?
  18. The two pins in the upper and bottom part of your door? They are easy to do, though 2 people will help much more. All you need (all i used when i took em off) was a hammer, a little pick , and a pair of needle nose pliers.
  19. nice pics. thats a badass 4-wheeler in the background.
  20. haha, that actually happened to me when i had the doors off. i took a corner and my phone went flying out in the middle of the road in a busy intersection. luckily, i got it up before it got hit. but that looks good, cool idea.
  21. you know what worked for me..? the 40 dollar mossy oak camo covers from wal-mart. i got em back in june and they are just now starting to fade. they've worked great for me.
  22. you also have the mexican made ltb's.. there always cheaper, but def. look cool!
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