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  1. Alberta. I'll take you fishing, and hell, come up for our annual nissan and import jamboree.
  2. I'm not even dignifying this with a response. There's a reason mine's listed $1500 cheaper than any other 4 door in the trader. Aaron, you're absolutely right. I just can't bear the thought of working on that truck one more time. I've spent a fortune keeping the thing alive, and it won't stop breaking (even though i had to stop wheeling). I'd rather work on something else, just not do alternator no. 6, etc.
  3. why? i should keep putting all my time, money, and frustration into that pile of sh!t truck? The truck was fine till i starting wheeling the hell out of it. and i will never take a nissan down anything harder than an easy run ever again...this coming from the VP of the calgary nissan and import 4x4 club
  4. Swapped the tranny fluid friday night, some stuff fell out. I just put an ad in the autotrader.
  5. if i was you, i'd fix the pathfinder, try and get top dollar for it, and buy what you'd like. Keep in mind a SAS'ed S10 is one SH!tty daily driver compared to your pathfinder.
  6. I have the mystery machine. So, my tranny’s been sounding like a bag of rocks for a while, t/o bearing screeching like a banshee, and overall the driving experience in the potato has left a lot to be desired. I go over to Visions NE after work yesterday to fix my parking light harness (don’t ask) and on the way home, get to the lights by the airport on Barlow. Pull away in first --- noisy as hell Quickly shift into second – oh your god its loud Shift into third and let go of the clutch ------ BAAAAAAANNNNGGGGGG!!!!!! CRASH!!!!!! THRASH!!!!! POP!!! And no forward momentum anymore Pull over, shut it down. JAM it into first and pull away, still loud nasty noises coming from the tranny, but its moving. About 5 mins later, a quiet pop and all the noise is gone. All of it. The truck has never been better. I think this crew is who needs to solve this one:
  7. i hear that. I wish i owned any of the other options over the pissfinder. Though i suppose that's why mines getting traded in on a TJ after winter.
  8. 1990 2 door terranos with the vg30 are pretty easy to find in my neck of the woods if you really want one.
  9. That's not a pathfinder. It's a terrano.
  10. 4.375 manual 4.625 automatic someone's likely to beak off about using the search function. I guess keep that in mind for next time.
  11. Jay, I have one in calgary i'd be willing to let go. pm me if you're interested.

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