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    92 xe 4x4, k&n air filter, flowmaster, 15x8 Eagle Alloys series 102 wheels, 31x10.50x15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws, Pro Comp ES 9000 shocks, stem to eye converter for front shocks, jgc springs, Pro Comp 5x7 off-road lights, 6" and 5x7" Pro Comp off road lights, Custom push bar, E-fan coversion, MSD 6Aa, MSD Coil Blaster....much more to install!!!
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  1. That HB is pretty sweet. If I ever get 1 i want to make it a baja too.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I took it to autozone and they told me it was either TPS or oxy sensor. Well I ruled out the oxy sensor cuz I replaced it in oct. Well, the durango does this on cold or warm start ups and it is a 5.9. Gonna replace TPS this weekend and see if it helps aleviate the problem.
  3. Well, my wife has a 99 dodge durango that has been giving her a problem. I personallay would have "dodged" this car, but thats beside the point. Well the problem that seems to occur is that when ever we turn the key, the car would start, or it would immediately die. Or, we would turn the key, the engine would start cranking, but not start so we would need to step on the accelerator so it would eventually turn. We need to press on the gas for little while in order for it to turn on, if not it would die again. Now, we have replaced the gas pump because that was going out on it, but other than that, do you guys have any idea what could be the source of the problem?
  4. Make sure that, if you call them tell them that they are for the hardbody, or else they will not give you the warranty.
  5. Ok I updated the list, and removed prado lifts and the rancho suspension.
  6. call me dense, but wouldnt it be easier to port out the pathy TB to 6mm and then install the KA24DE butterfly?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I was quoted $200 from the shop down in mexico and $40 for the intake manifold port. At first, I just wanted the P&P, but know that I am thinking of it, I might as well go all out and get a vg33 block and grind out my cams at schnieders. So know that I am doing a vg33 transplant, I want to find out how much of a bigger piston I can install in that block. I can get the engine for may be around $350.00. Man this is turning into a money pit. I figure I at least have 163 hp with the set up I have, after the P&P with the original engine, I may be looking at 170
  8. I really was interested in port and polishing the heads in the near future. I found a very reputable place where they can do it for me, basically they will do a complete rebuilt on the heads with port and polishing. What the guys at the shop told me is that in order for me to really benefit from the p&p that i should go ahead and port the intake manifold. I really want to do this, but I want to find out if this is going to affect my ecu settings cuz of the mod that i want to do. I just want to find ut if there are any side effects to doing this. I already have Thorleys installed, and getting my pathy to breath and fart better with the p&p got me excited to get this mod done. Also, what benefits would I have if I port the TB and the MAF tube, if its even worthwhile. I remember reading a post about a member porting the MAF and got the power button on the tranny to turn on everytime he accelerated, of course i want to avoid this. For right now my pathy is gonna be undriveable until i can get the front suspension fized on her. This is coming first before even doing the P&P.
  9. Happy Guys Hope Yo Have A Good One!
  10. Sorry for not elaborating some more, I totally forgot to mention that all the fuses were good. The old alty had bad diodes. I replaced the battery after I pulled the alty out. I went to a shop to get it rebuilt, and that's where they told me that the diodes were bad. A bad ecu wouldn't do this? Right?!
  11. I got a problem with my pathy. I was driving to work last week and all of a sudden my gauges stopped working. The pathy started to get sluggish, I turned on the a/c to check what I lost and it wouldn't start, the OD wouldn't engage, cruise control doesn't turn on, it wouldn't shift into gear when trying to go at a higher speed, I basically lost current to my whole panel. Ok, went back home and turned her off. No start. Jumped started her and she fired up. Took her out for a spin in hopes of the alty recharging the battery. Got back home and shut off and then turn on again and nothing. I just hear a click, but engine does not turn. Ok checked the starter, by basically hot wiring it to the battery and it started no problem. Decided to change the battery, thinking the battery doesn't work anymore, but the problem was still there. I had changed the positive lead coming from the starter already cuz it was in pretty bad shape. Cleaned the terminals on the battery really good. No start. Took the alty off, went to auto zone and checkers to have it tested. Both places told me the alty went bad. Got a replacement and hoped for this to solve my problem, but no start nothing. I can just hear the starter click once and that is it. Is there a main relay that I need to check? If anyone had a similar problem, can you please chime in for some advice, please.
  12. Don't worry about it, BP stopped me many times before, and I have a wd21. Use to get searched all the time. Around here, BP is use to chasing, Cherokees and Silverados crossing the desert loaded up with weed.
  13. Hmm, are you one of their spies?

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