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  • Birthday 04/28/1968

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    Not A Pathfinder. Nissan Patrol Y60 2.8 Turbo Diesel
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    Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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    I Own A Shop Or Work As A Professional Mechanic
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    Serious Off Road Enthusiast
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  1. Thank You Very Very Much !!!
  2. She is not from Russian and is not from Ukraine. She is from Soviet Union. :tonguefinger:
  3. Do you like russian girls?
  4. Aliens Terminator 2: Judgment Day Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Die Hard 2 Total Recall True Lies The Fifth Element Alien: Resurrection Starship Troopers The Thing
  5. In alphabetical order Animals (+ Eric Burdon) Atomic Rooster Bad Company Black Sabath Budgie Beck Jeff Dio Dire Straits The Doors Deep Purple Emerson, Lake & Palmer Hacket Steve Iron Maiden Jethro Tull Judas Priest Led Zeppelin Moore Gary John Mayall Nazareth Nice Pink Floyd Queen Rainbow Rush Savoy Brown Thin Lizzy Ten Years After UFO Urian Heep The Who Whitesnake Wishbone Ash
  6. Thank you Brothers, Thank you Sisters

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