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New Member on the west coast


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Hey everyone, new member here. 2000 Pathfinder manual transmission 191k miles


Had her for about 10000 miles.

Had to replace the MAF twice cuz the engine was dying. Once when i first got her, once last month.

Suspensions blown, axles click in 4x4, windshields crack, no AC, manual engine fan switch, old GMC mirrors cuz i knocked the originals off sliding between two poles on the snow, no wiper fluid sprayer, driver door lock broken, ignition lock failing, welded differential. Thats the just the major stuff haha she runs though.


I couldn’t sell it for much so i guess im stuck with it, we’ve been on some adventures.


Right now I’m looking for the cheapest possible way to put some half decent suspension on and a new axle. Holla at me if u got the hookupfef15f8517117ec6dedbc2ae8472127c.jpg








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Welcome to NPORA!


Got your email and all your "backup threads" have been deleted :D


Guessing you're using Tapatalk? It has been a known problem for a very long time, where it does not appear to post a new topic, only to find out after multiple submissions that it did... every time the button was pressed.  I'd take it up with them, again, but in multiple times I have over the years that we have, they always blame us rather than offering an actual solution.

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