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R230 rear auto locker

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Contemplating fitting an auto locker in the rear of my R51.

Trundles sells this one, which is listed for an H233b for a GQ/GU Patrol.

I presume this is a 33 spline diff.

Link below.



I am considering fitting one in the rear of the my R51, which is an AU/NZ spec one with the R230 rear diff (see ARB catalogue). From what I can see this is also a 33 spline diff, with open centre, based off the same internals as the H233?


Anyone reckon this would work?

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From what I've read, the rear of the Patrol is 33-spline, and the front is 31-spline. The 33-spline H233B is also used in the R50, but AFAIK the only ratchet locker for the 33-spline was made in Russia, so you may have a hard time tracking one down.


As for the H233 guts fitting the R230, I have no idea. If anyone knows, it's @hawairish.

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According to ARB, the R230 and H233B use the same 33-spline (both in spline count and axle shaft diameter).  That front Patrol unit won't work because it's 31-spline.  It's possible the 33-spline unit would fit an R230 carrier, given how close dimensionally they might be, but even if it does the R51 stub shafts use retaining clips to stay in place and it's unknown if it would clear the Lokka's side gears, or if the edges are chamfered to aide installation or removal, among other potential issues.


Air locker options exist.  ARB (RD137) or a cheaper TRE 4x4 (TR137), assuming you have 3.54 or higher numerically gears.

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