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Good junkyards (Seattle Eastside)


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Hi all,


Wondering which junkyards in the Seattle Eastside area are generally considered good for R50 finds or just considered good overall. Not really sure how this whole junkyard stuff works as I've never been to one myself and don't recall ever seeing one where there wasn't just a huge pile of crushed cars. I currently don't know what parts I need but I plan on potentially starting some work on my pathfinder so I want to get a feel for parts availability around me.

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Junkyards can vary a lot. Anything from neat orderly rows and clean gravel to cars piled on top of each other, tall vegetation, cow crap, and bees. Some let you pull your own parts, some don't, some say they don't but will anyway if you come in with tools and know what you're looking for. I've heard some yards don't have anything past a certain age, so that's something to look out for. I hit a pick-n-pull in I think Spokane once and was impressed with it. Haven't been to a yard on the wet side so I have no recommendations there.


If you're looking for a small part of a larger assembly, say a door latch, make sure they're okay with selling just that and they won't try and charge you for the whole door. I had a yard try to sell me the whole steering column once when all I wanted was a headlight switch. I learned to find what I wanted, write down the car number, make sure the guys at the desk would sell me just that part and didn't want a small fortune for it, and then go back out and pull it. 

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