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looking for custom wheel well work in GTA


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Hi Guys, I've moved from the west coast to the east.


Salt on the roads is already having an effect on the rust situation.


Anyone know of a place around Toronto that would cut the rust out, weld up the scars and slap some new flares or trim on there?


After words I'll get under there and slap a bunch of rhino liner in to hopefully cover exposed metal from winter road @!*%.


Is that a stupid idea?   Thoughts on how to battle rust on the east?   


I'm at 260K and still going strong.  Would hate to see the rust eat her up before everything else.


We have long roads ahead!




PS- Maybe we can do a GTA pathy meet up in the spring?   

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The fender doesn't say it's plastic, so I'd be surprised if it was. The rear quarter patches specifically call out being metal. Not sure I've seen plastic body parts for these, though I've heard of plastic rocker panel covers for some domestic trucks. I would look at an oil-based undercoat rather than a hard shell. If the hard stuff doesn't adhere well, it'll just trap moisture behind it, which will rot the metal faster. Look carefully around your strut towers, enough of those rotted out that Nissan did a half-ass repair campaign on them.

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Thanks man!  Ya probably not a good idea to rhino underneath. 

As for the rear quarter panel I guess the existing one would need to be cut out and the new one welded in.

That sounds like a nasty big job!   Would have to gut the inside the get on that side 


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anyone have links to plastic fender flares that will fit R50?  


Thinking just cutting the @!*% out and riveting on bigger flares.



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