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Coolant leak rear of engine


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Well.........I changed out my water pump and all that went well. It looks like I am still having a coolant leak at the rear ofthe engine closer to the passenger side. I don see any leaks on the heater core hoses as far down as i can trace them. To the pipes. The system seems to do well when pressurized but then losses pressure and leaks. 


Does anyone know if there's a heater core bypass hose or something similar back there ?


And if so, can it be replaced without taking off the intake plenum ?


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There is a pair of small coolant hoses at the rear of the engine that T off the heater lines. They connect to hard lines on the bottom of the intake plenum. They are a PITA to deal with, so anytime I have to pull the plenum, I just get a pair of replacements before I start. Then I will just cut them to get the plenum out of the way and replace them when I put it back together. One is a straight hose about 3-4" long and the other is L shaped and similar size. Most likely the source of your leak.


The other possibility is the heater line that runs from the thermostat housing to the back of the engine down in the valley under the intake manifold. This is a hard line, but does have a rubber hose at the back of the engine. 

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