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P1140 code


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Two weekends ago we went camping and towed our Casita travel trailer with the Pathfinder.  On the way, going through some hills during a long full throttle run, my SES light came on. The code was P1140. The Pathy seemed to run fine on the trip home, maybe a tiny bit rough.


P1140 is bank 1 intake variable valve timing control performance, and the common causes are

faulty bank 1 camshaft sensor

faulty crankshaft sensor

faulty variable valve timing solenoid

wiring issue

oil starvation to the valve timing solenoid


I use really high quality filters, either Mobil 1 or Purolator Pure One, and full synthetic motor oil, and do 10k oil changes. I'm at about 7k miles on the oil filter, and the oil was full and looks in good condition. I know that is higher than many people do, but I've done the same with 3 cars and gotten over 250k miles on each without issue.


To try to figure out which sensor by process of elimination,  I swapped the bank 1 and bank 2 camshaft sensors, to see if the error came back on the same or opposite side. So far the code hasn't come back at all. I did wipe off both sensors good, but they looked relatively clean. One person said theirs had a lot of buildup on it and cleaning it eliminated the problem.


Has anyone else had this code pop up once, and not come back after not really doing anything?


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It's the Knock Sensor code.

Where did you find it was the knock sensor? I didn't look at my FSM, but googling i found a lot of references to the VVT system. Like this


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I got the P1145 code 2 nights ago, which is the same code for bank 2 (driver's side) rather than P1140 for bank 1 (passenger's side). So that would indicate a failing camshaft sensor.


I I ordered a generic one from Amazon for $15, rather than the $80-100 that the parts stores or Nissan wanted. Parts Geek was comparable price without the convenient shipping. Rock Auto was a bit more around $50.


I didn't get the exact part number as called out on NissanPartsDeal, but it did crossreference by other numbers. Nissan is such a pain in how they substitute all over the place and it is never clear the actual right part number, and part interchangeability history and order.


Hopefully this fixes it.

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So when I put in the new sensor, on the 2nd drive I got a P1135, which is basically the same code and same likely causes as P1145.

From reading it seems the ECU doesn't set these codes until the 2nd drive with this fault.

I couldn't imagine a faulty new sensor but before doing something harder or more expensive, I swapped the new and working old sensors. This time the code followed the new sensor P1110, which is the same code as P1140.

I bought another sensor, this time a Standard Motor Products PC458, that cost $50. Now I've driven twice and no code.

I guess the $15 was a false economy.

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I’ve gotten that code before. It’s just a knock sensor, as others have already stated. You can go without replacing that if it’s just one. I’ve been driving without one sensor for a while. If multiple are out, you might want to consider a cheap replacement. It’s not a big issue, so don’t worry about it. :)

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I'm confused, nowhere on Google have I found where this is associated to a knock sensor for Nissan Pathfinders.


These are the manufacturer specific codes that vary, so it could be a knock sensor on other vehicles.

I've been moving the camshaft sensors between banks and the error code has followed the bum camshaft sensor. Now with a second new camshaft sensor the error code has completely gone away.

On my vehicle at least it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the knock sensor.

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  • 3 years later...

Old post, but adding some info here for future users.


I have a PO1140, this happened after I put new rings and bearings in my engine.  This code is for the bank 1 (passenger side) cam position sensor voltage high or to ground.  This is NOT a knock sensor code for a 2002 Nissan pathfinder with the VQ35DE.


Here are my troubleshooting steps, followed FSM steps:

1. checked power to sensors - good

2. Checked wires from each sensor to pins 79 and 89 on the PCM, 79 is for the PO 1140, 89 for PO 1145.  Both wires good, no shorts not broken

3. Bought on oscilloscope, checked wave form at each sensor based on FSM outputs listed, all good wave forms looked good

4. Purchased a new sensor just in case, rechecked wave form, it was inverted....great quality parts.  Went back to old sensor.

5. Checked Wave form at PCM with engine running (Obviously) and all was good, matched FSM

6. At this point as a hail-mary I switched the inputs, so that bank 1 was looking at a known good bank 2 sensor and vice versa, still got a PO1140.


Without a doubt this proves the transistor in the PCM for Bank 1 has a problem or that there is something wrong with my PCM.  New one is on order with IOMMU and new key...pain in the butt. I was there was a way to disable this freaking chipped key crap, and NO I am not taping the key to the IOMMU module, I want it actually disabled. I think i can at least program these keys with my scan tool.



The FSM warns about testing a certain way that could blow this transistor, I did not do any tests that would have blown this transistor, but I did have some electrical issues when reinstalling the engine that could have caused this problem within the PCM.  Will report if the new PCM fixes it and I sure as hell hope it does because I need to pass inspection and get a sticker.

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