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  1. Real conversation between myself and some Corvette guy at a local car meet (Summer 2019): "Nice, nice. Clean 4Runner! But what's with the back door handles?" "Haha no it's not a 4Runner, actually it's- " "An Xterra?" "No." "I'm lost..." "It's an old Pathfinder!" "They made them that long ago!?" "Yep." "Looks like a 4Runner." "Yep." ? Story of R50 ownership right there... lol
  2. Sweet! I used to live in the Bay Area. Born in Chico up in the NorCal valley and lived there much of my life, but also had an apartment in the Gateway complex. Now I'm stuck in NorthEast Ohio due to location complications with my father's career ? I visit rather often though, so if I'm ever in the area I might just have to hit you guys up ?
  3. Yep, any sort of decent trails are hella hard to find around here unfortunately ? But yes, back on topic! Those are some sweet nature shots. Cascades I'm assuming?
  4. Ah okay, I live in Medina if you know where that is, not far from CLE at all. Most of the solid models I've been eyeing were 2015-16s. Difficult to go any newer from a buget perspective (moving to a nicer apartment somewhat soon), but 2013 is my absolute age limit due to your exact point about rusting issues. KDSS is definitely on my ideal requirement list, but it also might mean going with a slightly older model to balance cost. Also looking online for cars in VA and NC.
  5. Looks great! It's crazy how unassumingly capable old Pathfinders and QX's are off road with some pretty basic modifications like small lifts, good tires, lockers, etc, so long as they're done right of course. Nice to see yet another smiling face enjoying an old R50 ? Welcome to NPORA by the way!
  6. Thanks for the info! Glad you said something, because knowing myself I probably wouldn't have thought of that until I ran into the problem ? That's also some really good consumer advice on the 4Runner. At some point within the next few years I'll need a second car, something I can daily. I have too much sentimental attachment to my Pathy (I know thats not a good thing, but it's not exactly something I can change) and having moved to Ohio, the salt is just tearing up the poor old girl. I want something similar to my Pathfinder but newer, so I've been looking at 2013-2016 TRD Off-Road 4Runners since clearly the newer Pathfinders are out of the question (it's a shame what they've done to it, really). Anyway, that's my tangent for today lol.
  7. Dang, that's a steal! I'll definetely have to look into those. Been considering getting a second set of wheels with more rugged tires to swap out for trails and harsh winters, but stock '99.5 SE wheels are almost impossible to find here in the midwest due to the rarity of any sort of R50s in the rust belt. And we have an abundance of 4Runners with TRD Pro wheels I actually found a half decent '00 SE with the same stock wheels at a junk lot a while back, but I took too long to jump on it and the whole vehicle had sold within days (which is probably for the best, it had a little body damage but was running perfectly fine and probably shouldn't have been junked anyway). Since then I've been looking at some other various wheels from similar vehicles that might look good on the old girl and that would be easier to find and much cheaper. I've also considered those same FJ wheels before (a buddy of mine has an '11 FJ Cruiser and he let me try his spare stock wheels on the Pathy for a little while) but they looked a little off on my truck for some reason.
  8. Hahaha that's awesome! You know, those SR5 wheels actually look pretty sick on the R50...
  9. If anything opens up in the Michigan area, let me know! I’m in Ohio so that would be totally doable for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I actually incorporated my Pathy into my Halloween decorating. I found a phantom-zombie looking guy in my basement to put in the drivers seat. Bought some red bulbs for the dome lights and rigged a fog machine to spray towards the headlights to get a nice spooky feel. I’m really bummed I didn’t get any pics of it, because it was pretty dang sweet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Nice Pathy! I love the diamond-patterned SE grille that you and I have. What are your plans? Keeping it stock or modding (and if so what mods)?
  12. Not to mention they’re quite small for the modern American giant drink [emoji1787][emoji481] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Very good to know. Snagged a set of plastic OEMs from Pull-A-Part for like $20 a couple days ago, but I might try to find a glass set in the future. Thanks everybody for all the info! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Interesting, so they clearly did make OEM glass fogs. I see your truck is a 1997, which should have the same fogs as my '99.5 Pathy. I wonder if the glass ones were reserved for QX4s? Also, would you by any chance consider selling that glass set?
  15. Is that a Nismo badge I see? I had no idea that existed LOL

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