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Lower Control Arm - Stock or aftermarket


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Looking for opinions.


I bent my lower control arms and need to replace them. I don't know if I should go with OEM or aftermarket.


Leaning Towards MOOGs, but don't have enough mechanical knowledge to make a sound decision.


The arms bent when I went off-roading and took on a 3 ft muddy ditch. I got stuck and had to be pulled out. that's when the arms bent. Anyway, I do medium off road trails...no rock crawling.


Thanks for any advice you can give.



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There was a discussion about this on the Facebook page the other day. Seems like lots of people like Moog, which is probably what I'll go with if mine ever need doing. Cuong Nguyen is probably right though, stock parts from the junkyard would probably be fine, unless the ball joint or bushings are worn out. Is OEM absurdly well priced? I'm guessing OEM is probably pretty expensive, so I'd avoid it for that reason alone; this isn't one of those cases where you need OEM.

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I hate aftermarket control arms. Wherever possible I always try and get used OE ones and replace the bushings in them. The aftermarket ones seem cheap and thin.

That's a good point. I've never had one in my hand so I wouldn't have even considered that.

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