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Leaking water pump

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Drip, drip, drip. Oh where's that green stuff coming from?


This had me baffled for the last two months, I simply couldn't find the leak so I've been just topping up with distilled water and been monitoring it.

Today after a short drive I noticed it leaking so immediately opened the bonnet and craned my neck down looking between the drive belts, yep under the water pump it's leaking.

So this is on the agenda. I know I have to remove radiator, take out fan, unbolt the old water pump. Anything else I should do? I'm attempting this myself so is it fairly basic? Gasket or no gasket or just silicone it? Belts are fairly new with no visible cracks in them.

The reason I'm asking all this is because in my guide it just says "Remove water pump" but how? Does it just unbolt and pull out?

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Thanks yeah I already watched that video, the only problem is he kept skipping the parts where he unbolts things. In the video its like they just magically come out and then magically go back in.

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Although I have never seen one in person, from what I can see in the video it appears to be pretty much like any 4cyl engine of the era and as such it should come off pretty easily. Remove the bolts and it pulls right out.


I personal would question if the radiator really needs to be removed. Remove the shroud if it has one, then if you can get the fan off of the clutch or the clutch off of the water pump with out pulling the radiator then it's that much less work :aok: I've actually been able to remove them without even pulling the shroud, just unbolt the fan blades from the clutch or clutch from the pump and let it "sit" against the radiator in the shroud. Just don't let it move around so as to not damage the radiator fins.


It's also possible that both shroud and the fan (or fan/clutch) need to come out together, if the radiator is not removed.

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Better get the manual for u'r yr.

I did mine, 94 path 4x4.

4WD for d21's require removal of timing belt.


Also, my leak looked like water pump, but was really the small connector hose above it. Look at large hose from radiator to engine @top of motor, then look for small hose coming off the housing. Hard to see, use light.

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You might check and consider check prices and shipping from the US... have done that for a member in NZ due to the high cost there ;)


Bought online + Shipped to US member + Shipped via USPS to NZ = Cash saved


But there was a few more parts in the order.

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Thanks for that, yeah at the moment I have a lot of work on so for now Il just have to keep the radiator and reservoir topped up with distilled water. I check it every couple of days. It's a bit of a pain but at least it's winter and won't overheat in this weather because I'm driving in real early hours of the morning.

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Oh and you might find that whomever you buy from can or will ship directly. In the prior example they would not, so it was shipped to a US address then sent out from there.

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