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What's your gas mileage? Should I be worried?

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On 10/23/2014 at 3:12 PM, ferrariowner123 said:

You can make it a little more efficient. Look into an exhaust. Karmann has a nice sounding mangnaflow? (I can't remember the brand) and I know the VG motors response very well to a cat back exhaust. Well have to ask him if he saw any MPG improvements from his exhaust.


You can replace the O2's if they are original (just fronts, rears don't affect milage) it might help.


And yeah, having drive train fluids served can marginally help too. Checking universal joints along the drive shaft can also be a worth while venture, if they are worn due to corrosion, for example, that can cause excessive strain on the engine.


But by far the best mpg mod for the pathfinder is manual front hubs. You lose the option of 4WD on the move. But I've had mine for a few years with no issues. I had about a 2 mpg increase before the exhaust issues.


So if I were you, I'd look into manual hubs, they definitely help.



+1 on the manual hubs.  Best I got before manual hubs on the freeway was 19 mpg, normal was 17-18, after manual hubs I get occasional 21 but mostly 19-20 all depending on headwinds.  One other benefit is there is less wear and tear on your drivetrain.

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Mine is 4.5 liters/km or 10 miles/gallon. Mix of highway and idle. Ran the OBD and have 2 codes - P0223 and P0123. Codes reflect there is an issue with the Throttle Position sensor (TPS). Don't know if changing the whole throttle or just the sensor will solves my fuel issues.

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