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88 Pathy 3 link front. 63" chevy rear

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Buddy at work buzzed these adapters out for me. They will adapt a 1310 spicer flange to the small factory nissan flange. I am gonna run the spicer 2-2-939 flange. I want to run all common 1310 u joints. Should work out pretty good. Its an awsome thing having machinist buddies!







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Got a little more done this weekend. Got the rear shaft made and the intermediate shaft almost done. Have to pick up a u joint for the intermediate. I tried to cheat as much off centerline as i could to help the offest of the rear shaft. I hope the offset doesn't result in alot of vibration. Pics..











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Picked up a spare tx10 from the jy to chop up. Got it modded. Just have to get it cleaned up and bring it in to work and let my buddy tig it up for me. I am waiting on a care package from a fellow nissan brother BIGNISSAN. Should get some good progress made this week. Pics











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Thanks buddy! Should do great on 35's. Got the patch panels tig welded up this morning at work. Came out pretty good. Tapped in a fill and drain hole. Got my care package in from bignissan, a NOS (new old stock) 720 tcase and allpro pinion brake kit. Its getting closer! Pics







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