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  1. The 90 is push button. I'm not sure on the difference in head's. I'll check that out when I tear them apart. I'm with you. Can't go wrong with levers. I guess that's just more wiring I can stow away with the new harness. Thanks for the link!
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll probably go ahead and yank the dash out and swap everything. I guess I should go ahead and swap out to the newer ac controls as well right? I need to get a fsm for a 90 auto model. There will be quite a few wires I don't need since I'll still be 5sp.
  3. It just seems to me that it would be easier to add in the additional wiring needed if I used the goods off a 90 model. There so similar minus the mpfi, electronic ac controls, and maybe a few other things. Couldn't you just re-pin the new ecu connector and add the extras needed?
  4. So I’ve been wanting to convert my tbi over to the mpfi. I’ve read everything I can possibly find on this subject. The usual talk is that it’s not worth the effort unless your going 3.3. But I have 3 4 door pathys in the back yard that all run. A 90, 94, and 95. All SE 4x4 autos. My 88 is a 5sp. My question is: Is it necessary to swap over the entire harness front to back? I know they disconnect in a few places but there a mess overall. I would hate to have to disconnect everything under the dash and everywhere else along the body. Is it possible without swapping the whole harness?
  5. Thanks. No the skid is separate from the bumper. The main winch mount is 1/4" and the rest is 3/16. I will get some better pics of the mounts. It was a pain in the a** to design the mounts. The factory bumper mounts would never hold this weight up. Plus with me having a body lift on it, I already had those crappy spacers on the factory bumper brackets that made it even more flimsy.
  6. Finally got around to building a front bumper. Rear bumper and sliders are next.
  7. I think I can get ahold of a complete 88 Auto for cheap. I think it has a ton of miles on it, so the trans might be toast but everything is there. The motor is shot in it.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm wandering if it would be easier to use everything from a 88/89 Auto just for engine harness purposes. Alot of extra wiring would have to be done if I went with anything 90+ wouldn't it? Due to the mpfi of the later years?
  9. So if I got the ecu and wiring harnesses from a 88 Auto pathy, would any newer Auto trans (including the hd) be plug and play?
  10. Thanks for the info. I believe they switched to the 4sp in 88. If i did it i would want the 4 sp for OD purposes. I know some guys have swapped out there factory auto for one of the newer HD autos in the xterras (i think i cant remember what model they came in). I knew it would be quite the job to accomplish.
  11. Really contemplating on swapping out the 5 speed for an auto. I do alot of slow technical rock stuff and think i would enjoy an auto in place of the stick. I have been searching and cant find anything regarding a stick to auto swap. Ive seen people go from auto to stick. What are my options and what kind of electrical demons am i looking at?
  12. Really contemplating on swapping out the 5 speed for an auto. I do alot of slow technical rock stuff and think i would enjoy an auto in place of the stick. I have been searching and cant find anything regarding a stick to auto swap. Ive seen people go from auto to stick. What are my options and what kind of electrical demons am i looking at?
  13. Went on another ride this past weekend at Hawk Pride Offroad park. Had a blast! Pathy did great. Still need some bumpstops, sliders, and a winch. Here is a short vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEGgc1Si96k
  14. Thanks man! Took the pathy out on another shakedown run this weekend. The dual's were awsome. Still need some limit straps and figure out some way to make some bump stops. I lost my power steering about 1/2 way up the mountain. The high pressure line developed a small crack in it. All in all it did great. Front/ rear bumpers, sliders, and skids are next. Here is a vid of some action. Of course the hill is quite a bit steeper than the video portrays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjopOiJp55k
  15. Finally got my shifter boots done. Turned out pretty good. Also got the lockers and front drivshaft installed.
  16. I don't know if i'm ready for the big leagues as far as supplying adapters. I think my machinist buddy and i are going to try and design a direct adapter plate with shortened shaft when he gets some free time. The setup i have seems to be doing the job. I have put several street miles on it and its holding up fine. Hopefully soon i can get it on the trails. I developed a very small leak between the adapter plate and auto tail housing. As i mentioned earlier i had to rotate the rear housing about 10* so the bolt patterns would't interfere. The seal surface on the auto tail housing is pretty small and barely came in contact with one of the recessed bolt holes, causing the leak. I just resealled it a little better and it seems to be holding. Haven't had much time to work on the pathy lately with the holidays and i have been helping my father in law with his electrical business in my spare time. I scored a new Yukon Grizzly locker on Amazon for $386. Gonna put that in the rear and throw a spartan in the front. I bought a front driveshaft from a TJ that should be in this week. It is almost a perfect fit for the front. Might have to shorten it an inch or 2.
  17. Got the rear crossmember mounted up, 2nd shifter rod extended, and everything filled up with fluid. Drove it around for a while Saturday. Feels great. No vibes and the dual's work awsome! I still have to fab up a new console, paint the crossmembers, and build a front driveshaft. Few pics. .
  18. Got the monster mounted up. I'm working on a crossmember for the rear. I really wanted a support at the very back, so i took a tranny mount from an xterra and buzzed out a clamp style mount for it to grab the tail housing. Still finishing that up. Also have to finish the front crossmeber and extend the second shifter rod. I meant to mention earlier that i had to rotate the rear housing 10* so the bolt patterns wouldn't interfere with eath other. Got the rear dshaft built and installed also. Pics.
  19. That is correct. I believe it is about 35" long. I will double check that. I thought about getting the factory output shaft cut down and resplined and making a full adapter plate, but i wanted to keep the cost down so i went this way. It is long but should work very well. As far as the strength, i believe they are plenty stout enough. A lot of people dont like it being a chain driven case but the chain in these things are massive. Given over a long period of time and alot of use, they will stretch. If you have the funds for the adapter kit, going with an atlas or even the flipped 300 would be the better bet, mainly due to packaging and it being a bolt on.
  20. Had to fine tune the bends on the shifters a little more. Also buzzed out some shifter knobs.

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