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Hi guys,

I'm contemplating replacing my very tired Z24 with a TD27. I possibly have a rusted out pathfinder lined up that is complete with the diesel motor. I don't know the condition of the diesel but being a nissan diesel it probably still has perfect compression etc. I have been doing some searching on the net and have noticed how cheap a Nissan TD27 forklift engine rebuild kit is. Does anyone know if there is any mechanical difference between a forklift TD27 and a Pathfinder TD27.




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Wikipedia says that the TD27 was put in Terranos/Navaras/FGD02A32Q forklift, but goes into no further detail. I would suspect that the major internals are the same between them, but wouldn't be surprised if the intake/bracketry/etc was different. But I've never even seen a Nissan diesel, much less torn into one.


We don't have a lot of TD owners on here, but maybe one of them will have a better idea of what's involved.

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I'm not sure of the differences either, but they did use the TD27 in heaps of different applications. I'd hazard a guess that it's only little stuff...intake manifold , exhaust etc...

FWIW my old td27t has done about 350000 k's, has only been apart to change a bent rod ( Don't ask... I just threw in a s/h one with the original bearings and piston /rings etc) and still goes real well. Doesn't use oil (never have to top it up between changes) and it gets a hiding.

If you do do it, chuck a turbo at it....they are a little slow n/a.

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Its very easy to get a diesel running on a pallet to test it before installing it. 4or 5 wires and a fuel supply. Use an old bellhousing to mount the starter.

You're very right, being a nissan diesel its unlikely to have anything wrong with it- providing its been stored under cover, no waters got in and started rusting bores etc

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Just found this old post on a google search for TD27. FWIW. In my newly aquired 1994 D21 pathfinder I have a TD27t. It has done 203000 km. Just got back from a 3600 km return trip Adelaide to Alice Springs. It didn't use a drop of oil. Very impressed with it.It just ate up the KM. Was 38* on way back had the A/C on and the temp didn't move. A really low stress diesel. .

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