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wd21 sas, what axle options ?

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Hi, I'm in uk. we only get this jeep :




Not the old wagoneer version as far as I know.


But loads of these :


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/99-05-JEEP-GRAND-CHEROKEE-WJ-4-0-FRONT-AXLE-COMPLETE-INCLUDES-DIFFS-ETC-/200817370682?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2ec1a5e63a ???


Looked on ebay for dana 44 and found nothing so it seems its scarce in the UK ?


What other axle options do i have ?



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Got Patrols in your area? How about Hilux's? Those would be your best bet.


If your looking for big tires I think stepping up too a h233 rear is a good choice. The c200 I think is a 4 cylinder 4x2 axle.


Oh yeah, dont get any Jeep GC axles, there bastard dana 30s with aluminum housings.


That turbo diesel xj looks like a dana 30 as well.


Not sure of any other options.

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I'm not toyota expert but these links might be helpful. But they are for north america based trucks so it might be diffrent.








H233 vs c200



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Ford ran 3.50 in front and 3.55 in the rear axles for years and they never had any problems. Toyotas should have a 4.30 gear ratio stock and I dont see any problems running that off road. I dont even think there would be any binding on road with that ratio. If you wanted too run something like 3.73s in front and 4.56s in back then yeah there would be binding on road. Off road in soft terrain you would simply notice the front wheels spining faster then the rears.

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Hi Guys. went through that post today and I had a question please since I am endeavoring

the following 3 projects:


1. SASing the front of my '92 WD21 (HG43)

2. Upgrading my rear H233B axle Drum Brakes to Disk Brakes

3. Installing new NISMO 5.13 Ring and Pinion in the front and rear.


I am currently running 33x12.5R15" BFG tires on a 15x10 MT with the correct backspacing.

My truck is an V6 A/T with 3" BL + 3" SL from AC (4x4Parts.com)


It is quite difficult for me to source D44 axles off a Jeep Wagoneer as none exist in the JY around my area. I figured I keep all Nissan and go for the following Axles from a Nissan Patrol Y60 (GQ/GR) instead for the above 3 upgrade projects:


Front: H233B, 32 (1.26”), 31 Spline

Rear : H233B with rear disc brakes, 33.3 (1.31”), 33 Spline


What do you think? Will that work?



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Hi Pete,


What about the LENGTH of the Patrol Y60 axles (Front and Rear) that you used for this conversion?

Are they the same as the ones on the Pathfinder WD21 or will I need to shorten them?


I believe the H233B length on the pathfinder is about 59" in length.



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hi mate the y60 is about 100mm to wide , but i did not bother shorten them. i will just buy some -offset rims to bring the track back in, don't forget you will need to change ya transfer case around to the other side. Meany ways of doing this. i just used the safari gearbox as well, just so i could use a mechanical winch.


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