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Atf Transmission Type.


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So I was contacted by a member the other day asking for more information on what type of transmission fluid to use in his 05 Pathfinder, so I thought I would post up my research.


The service manual says for 05-08 Pathfinder's to use J-type fluid.


He went to his local dealership and was told that S-type fluid is the new J-type fluid, and that he should be using it.


S-type fluid is used in 09-10 Pathfinders (and xterra/frontier/370z)


The service manual for 09-10 pathfinder says that j-type fluid can be used if s-type is not available.


I contacted nissan tech for clairification, and was told that there is no official word on what putting s-type fluid in a transmission calling for j-type fluid would do.


They're thoughts were that it probably wouldn't cause any issues, but they didn't understand why a dealer would be telling someone to put a different fluid that calls for something else. (except for the fact that S-type fluid is more expensive than J-type, so maybe they were trying to upsell)


My thoughts are why would you risk it, even the tech guys don't know for sure what will happen.



The FSM says use J, use J. If something is published down the road, then that's different.


I wouldn't want to see someone with a pile of worn out transmission parts in their hands.

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There was a TSB released last year concerning this. That TSB is NTB08-049b, it was relased on Mrach 13, 2009. It states that Matic S or Matic J can be used in a 5 speed, Rear wheel drive Transmission. It stats to use Matic J if Matic S is not available.


From what I hear when taking the new FX intro class here on the Infiniti side, is that the two fluids are similar. Just the S fluid has better friction Modifiers in it for longer life. Also that the J fluid would be phased out at some point.


Note: This was not 100% official as there was no publication given out. This is only what is passed down the line, verbally.

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There was an internal 1 page memo sent by Nissan back around July 09 (or somewhere in there) . I remember reading it. We got Matic-S around Oct 09 and can not order J any more.

Matic S is the replacemnt for J.

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I can't find matic J here in the south, been running matic S for about a month now with a radiator cooler bypass for about a month now, checked the fluid yesterday and still looks good

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