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Canadian Nissan Truck Club


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First there was the Southern Ontario Xterra Club... but then some pathy and fronty owners barged in, so then there was the Nissan Truck Club... but you know us canucks, all flag waving and maple syrup eating... so the next evolution begins... The Canadian Nissan Truck Club or CNTC.


To members on the current board: NTC, the forum will be shut down on June 1st. The forums will be read only, however you wont be able to log in and get your PM's.


To new members, come check out the new place: CNTC, We're open to Nissan truck owners of all sorts, and even the odd non Nissan owner. And even though we have "Canadian" in our title, we're open to members from south of the boarder and around the world.


Hope to see you there!


Pezzy :)

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isn't this thing automated? it's been an hour or two and still no confirmation email.. hmm.. you all french or something? lol

Check your spam bin.

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Come back!


We have another member from Winnipeg (besides Marcel, if he returns) who is always looking for a job out here!

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