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Found 2 results

  1. So I have exhausted every search function on every pathfinder forum and here we are. Any ideas? '02 3.5 pathy with 295,xxx on it Was driving through town one day when it just died at a red light. Only way to keep it going was feathering the gas on startup and left foot braking to get home, if I let off the gas it died. Did some research, figured it was the IACV. Ordered one of those. I then put a zip tie over the throttle stop screw, just to use as a spacer to keep the throttle open a bit so that it would idle without me being in the drivers seat. Got one whiff of a weird smell I hadn't had before (no smoke from the steering column/ecu area) and shut it off. Replaced the IACV with a hitachi OEM unit, pulled the ecu apart to check if that IC17 chip had been fried by the failed iacv, or if there were any other signs of damage. Nothing, and i mean nothing, looks mint. Changed the TPS next to another OEM Hitachi unit, made sure to install it with exactly the same orientation as the original (it was a hitachi and looked factory). Truck still won't idle. Starts up but immediately falls on its face and dies without throttle. Sounds great with some throttle though, real smooth and steady. If I unplug the MAF while its running it dies so that leads me to believe that's working. When I plug in my scantool to the obd2 I don't get any codes either. I can't do the idle relearn procedure OR the Tps relearn if the truck won't stay running without the throttle open. Also really havent been able to come up with a good tps adjustment how-to/diagnostic. If anyone has one that would be the next thing I'd like to check more thoroughly.
  2. Hey guys, been a while since I posted my derpy Tiger but there's been a good bit of work done since my last post! ANYWAY the main purpose to this topic is that my starter got worse than it usually is. I've been real lucky with it starting 90% of the time first try but now all I hear is the solenoid clicking and I have to hit the key a bunch until it the starter finally goes ah im needed vroom and when it does start it does it effortlessly like normal so I think the starter is fine. I don't know where the neutral safety switch is but I imagine it's somewhere on the automatic trans and it got mud into the connector and it needs cleaning or maybe a sticky relay not doing it's job. And also my brakes have suffered a lot, I drove my truck to the West Virginia mountains on a 600 mile round trip and my brakes were already kind of soft but now that it's back home it's easy to hit the floor and even for me it's a little scary to drive more than 40mph (i'm usually the one to test drive death traps and rust buckets for everyone hehe ) I replaced both rear cylinders hoping that would help as the cylinders on there were extremely rusty, although they didn't leak so that was pretty cool. I've also bled each wheel and the LSV so much that I basically flushed all the fluid out, when I first bought the truck it looked pretty darn orange but now it's all clear. SO I'm pretty stumped on my brakes, since the truck is lifted now I'm playing with adjusting the LSV but I just want to have good brakes, my brother has a 2000 xterra and holy friggin cow that thing can stop on a needle from full speed. Starting to wonder if I can do some Frankensteining and put an xterra master cylinder on the truck. Also what do you guys think about replacing the LSV with a T joint? That I've looked up from Patrol guys doing that and they either get crucified for bringing the idea up or they praise it for bringing back their lost brake pedal height. Either way I'm ok with trying things on my truck and seeing what happens. All ideas are welcome and thanks for reading my mess hehe I'll take pics of whats happenin and some other goodies I got going on. Since the last update I've lifted the truck with front SFCreation spacers for a total 2" in the front and I got LRC springs in the rear, originally lifting 4" but I trimmed a coil and now it's 3" (I think I accidentally got the 9449 springs) and got 265/75r16 all terrains, still have yet to go on an off road trip in the day light for good pics but man this thing just glides through snow and mud when I went on a little night trip with some friends. Did a bunch of other work but I'll get around to typing and taking pics, I usually end up doing everything in the dark like a mad man but eh I get things done slowly but surely. I'll keep you guys updated on what happens
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