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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guy first time user of a Pathfinder forum. But i bought this pathfinder 1996 replaced a bunch of really nasty stuff. Was getting a single misfire randomly while driving (no rough idle) on code reader or pretty soon after starting and sitting for a minute same misfire at 6 and then a rough idle . So i replaced a ton of 25 year old parts. Fuel reg, fuel filter, injectors, exhaust sensors, check valve thing, new gasks everywhere. scrubbed intake and throttle body out because there was black fuel smelling stuff in there, replaced all the nasty hoses that were in intake and attached to it elsewhere. Its all clean now! I get it assembled with no injectors leaking and … suddenly, first time this has happened, the IAC valve motor is buzzing at key at ON position! Oh no truck sounds ..different.. when running and i swear i saw smoke. So i got 2 other IAC valves from scrap yard and one from ebay both are buzzing just as loud. i don't think the original IAC failed. i thought maybe i hurt the wires near the end by the connector, I don’t think so. Does this sound like i burned the ecu? Theres power enough to make buzz so probably not the fuse. Maybe i should re-pin the larger harness connector with new wiring. (Scared to break old plastic). Any way any input would be so great or i gotta tow it to a mech if i’m to dumb to figure it out later or maybe i need to reset something. the buzz sounds a motor of a fan just stopped spinning and is just humming and broken
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum but have lurked for answers for a while. This issue has happened to me twice so far that it left me stalled in the road and I'm not sure exactly how to pinpoint it. I bought a 95 Pathfinder with auto transmission in November and in January for seemingly no reason the RPMs seemed to drop really low after I had been running errands and left the car parked for a couple of minutes. This happened after the engine had been warm and driving for a while. When I was coming to a stop at a light, the car stalled. I was able to start it no problem but the car would keep stalling unless I kept the revs up. Luckily I was close to home and when I got there I checked the codes and none showed up. After I checked the codes the car seemed fine and drove fine for a week and I brought it in for an unrelated timing belt replacement. It's been a couple weeks since then and the car has been fine until yesterday which was the first day I had used the AC (maybe since the initial stall). The car sounded like having the AC on was using a lot of power: some RPM changes, at a stop it would kind of 'lurch' a little until finally the revs got pretty irregular and the car stalled again. Again, I could start it fine and I turned off the AC and drove home and by the time I got there it seemed to be totally fine. Today I tried to replicate the issue by just running the car in drive (but at a stop) for a while with the AC on. The car eventually started running odd and eventually the RPM irregularities returned. Not only that but the car took 2-3 times to start only when warm and I've been noticing a weird no-crank start on some trips lately but haven't been able to pinpoint a cause. A video of the irregular idle is here: https://streamable.com/sh1lh3 Anyway sorry for the wall of text but I want to take a long trip soon and don't want to worry about this weirdness. It sounds like a vacuum leak but could that be so intermittent? I've sprayed some carb cleaner on the lines earlier today and noticed some rev changes but can't be certain if they were accurate - when the engine warmed up I couldn't get the spray to change revs.
  3. So I have exhausted every search function on every pathfinder forum and here we are. Any ideas? '02 3.5 pathy with 295,xxx on it Was driving through town one day when it just died at a red light. Only way to keep it going was feathering the gas on startup and left foot braking to get home, if I let off the gas it died. Did some research, figured it was the IACV. Ordered one of those. I then put a zip tie over the throttle stop screw, just to use as a spacer to keep the throttle open a bit so that it would idle without me being in the drivers seat. Got one whiff of a weird smell I hadn't had before (no smoke from the steering column/ecu area) and shut it off. Replaced the IACV with a hitachi OEM unit, pulled the ecu apart to check if that IC17 chip had been fried by the failed iacv, or if there were any other signs of damage. Nothing, and i mean nothing, looks mint. Changed the TPS next to another OEM Hitachi unit, made sure to install it with exactly the same orientation as the original (it was a hitachi and looked factory). Truck still won't idle. Starts up but immediately falls on its face and dies without throttle. Sounds great with some throttle though, real smooth and steady. If I unplug the MAF while its running it dies so that leads me to believe that's working. When I plug in my scantool to the obd2 I don't get any codes either. I can't do the idle relearn procedure OR the Tps relearn if the truck won't stay running without the throttle open. Also really havent been able to come up with a good tps adjustment how-to/diagnostic. If anyone has one that would be the next thing I'd like to check more thoroughly.
  4. how will I lower the engine idle on my car its to high like it wants to pull to much in gear with foot on the brake?
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