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  1. how will I lower the engine idle on my car its to high like it wants to pull to much in gear with foot on the brake?
  2. This is the tires I have and they are great purchased at Mavis tires . patagonia a/t made by Geotrac or milestone.
  3. I get about the same mileage with my 2003 Pathfinder LE
  4. Well If you live in a mild climate flat land type area you'll be fine , I have season sumers hot winters cold and I hardly use the 4 wheel drive ,so it depends on your needs and area you live in. or where you are heading with it.
  5. well I have a 4 wheel drive Pathfinder automatic LE
  6. just want to keep my Pathfinder going

  7. have 2003 automatic trans, Pathfinder, I noticed that if I shut the engine off while stil in 4 wheel auto mode I hear a slight thud in the transfer case under neath area , if I switch it back to 2 wheel drive first then shut off the engine there is no thud noise is this a normal thing with auto mode models?
  8. I would just enjoy the vehicle especially if your in a ice and snow free area ,your 2 wheel drive should give you long service .
  9. How many grease fittings on a 2003 Nissan pathfinder? I just greased my front drive shaft , I really cant see inside the rear U joints for any nipple fittings does anyone know if there are any more grease points on my 03 pathfinder.

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