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  1. Wow, thanks so much rj! This was the kind of post I'm looking for! Your two cents is worth more than a dollar to me. Lol And ever one else, thanks a bunch! This is exactly why I like thi place
  2. Well, to start off, I have a 1995 pathy XE 3.0 5 speed manual 2WD. My pathy feels like it has no power any more, or less than it had. It lived in Florida it's whole life until I got it as a gift and had it shipped to Texas. I really want to restore the power with out breaking the bank. How do I do this? I know that a high flow exhaust will help, but going to flowmaster's and magnaflow's website, I can't find any exhaust parts for my car. I need the whole exhaust system replaced, including the cat. What system do you think would be best for it when it's just used as a daily driver? 2.5? 2.25? Also, I know that paring highflow exhaust with highflow intake works to. What kind of highflow intake do you guys recommend? What else can I do to get the power back, if not increase it to above it's original? On a side note, is it possible to drop a 6-speed manual to replace the 5-speed manual I have? 3500RPM is not very pleasant while driving around 70MPH... I'm just a 17 year old kid hopin to keep it running through college, so Any help would be awesome. Any help not breaking the bank would be best. PS- How could I get my pathy to look good? New paint job? Custom body?
  3. Ok, I just figured out that i burned out one the fusible links onmy car. In particular the green one from the battery that seems to go the the ignition system. Does any one know what the specs for the green fusible link wire might be? thanks
  4. Where the hell is the circuit breaker for a 95XE? I cant find it, even with the manual. Is it hidden under some metal or what? PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you!
  5. Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the wiper motors. I had to drive some were the other night and it was poring cars and trucks and i could not see a damn thing even though the blades were on high. although it did not look like it. Anyways, i was wondering how fast the blades should move and if i can make it so there are more wiper blade speeds, so its just not slow and fast. Any ideas?
  6. The absolute best way to find out you average gas mileage is when you fill your tank. Here is what you do. Find out how many miles you have drove. And find out how many gallons you filled up. Take the miles you drove and divide it by the number of gallons you filled up with. I know this is common sence so dont beat me up about it. Here is a tip though, when you are filling up set the pump to the lowest automatic setting that it will stay on by it self. This will make it pump slower, and as a result you will get more liquid gas for your dollar versus if you would fill up as fast as you can. The faster you fill up, the more gas vapors you get. So the best thing to do is, pump slow. You WILL get more liquid gas for your dollar! Trust me, this is what I do.
  7. Well, How much is what and how hard is it to replace the stuff your self?
  8. Man! I have a 5 speed manual pathy and when I push in the clutch, it will make a horrible sound most of the time, but only when the car is cold. What could this be caused by? I believe it is some kind of bearing that hold the cluch away from the contact plates. Any help will be appreasiated.
  9. your nissan looks exactly like mine. exept for that the paint is faided on mine.
  10. HAHA!! After spending 4 hours online looking for the FSM's I found a wonderful place that works. http://www.aubreyandcharles.com/ServiceManuals/ ENJOY!!!
  11. Help!! I bought a Factory Service Manual CD that had 1990 - 2005. Awhile back and used it a lot to do some maintenence. Well, apperently I lost the CD and I cant find it. I was looking around the forums and found a few links, but they do not work any longer. So, I was hoping, no, Praying, that some one hear had a 1995 Pathfinder Factory Service Manual download thats in .pdf format. Thanks for your help. =P
  12. Hey, my pathy has 2 disks and 2 drums. I was thinking about making it a 4 disk brake. Is this a easy conversion? Or is it much more complex than I think? Any help and advice will be appreasiated. P.S- Does any one have the CD repair manual for the pathys? I lost mine and I cant find it. Its driving me mad...
  13. If it is your tachometer you are talking about, its dead. I had a simuler problem with mine, when it only showed idle revs. you should just replace all of the guages, but save your old spedometer. The whole thing will cost you about $50 at a junk yard.
  14. Hey guys. I finally got a new instrument cluster and all of my gauge problems are solved. So I took it in for the inspection and it passed. Well, anyway, when I drove it on the county roads for some fun I noticed that the front end was a little wobbly and honestly it kind of scared me. So i had my grandpa look at it and he said that the Shock absorbers needed to be replaced with brand NEW ones. and that by doing so that wobbling will stop and it will handle a lot better. Does anyone know where i could get some brand new shock absorbers for my 95 XE 2WD? They need to be the exact same or pretty damn close. So any ideas?
  15. GREAT! i took out the tach to test the whole cluster, but now the tach is completely dead. i think i also have a problem with the alt. every time i start the car, it takes longer to start it. what up

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