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    2001 pathfinder 3.5l SE OME HD Front coils on GR-2 struts OME MD Rear coils, OME Rear shocks, 31x10.5 Roughrider M+S on 15" steelies, 1.5" wheel spacers (front only) a couple (or more) scratches/dents and a little Iron oxide!!! Oh ya!!!! A rebuilt tranny too.
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    Ontario cottage country Canada
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Bracebridge, Ontario 2hrs north of Toronto
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    Fishing, camping, parenting (two children) Fishing, wheeling is fun now that i have a pathfinder, and i also like to fish. Oh ya.....did i mention fishing????

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  1. Good stuff...ill give it all the old college try on Saturday. Tyler
  2. I tried three others....all are used...all are charged and showing 12.5 (ish) volts. One is a marine battery...right off our work boat...it works great for us daily. In fact...the only way ive been able to get to work this week...is by carrying around, and using that very marine battery, to boost my truck twice a day!!!! This is why i havent shelled out the $$$$ for a NEW battery yet...havent been convinced yet that this is where the problem lies...BUT maybe its time. Like i said before...i switched out my battery for the good one mentioned above...it boosts the truck just fine...BUT when i put it in the truck...figuring it would fire right up...NOPE....dash lights dim and just click..click...dead!!! Take it off...test it...shows 12.5 (ish) volts. I'm screwed.....(pardon the french) Tye
  3. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions everyone....heres the thing...ive cleaned and tightened the terms...i cant see how i can get the clamps any tighter, there isnt any slop in them and they dont wiggle at all...but as soon as the booster cables touch this battery/posts from another vehicle or battery...its all good! Still confused and getting frustrated.............Tyler
  4. O.K....so i just went out with the meter.....the battery reads 12.5 at the terminals, the same at the engine (positive post/neg on engine) The dash lights are dim/barely visible...and the battery says 12.5 v...as soon as i hook up a second battery (or boost it)the dash lights are fine and it starts....you would say then...its the battery...so i rotated that batery out and tried another....it reads 12.8 v at the terminals and on engine ground and it still wont even try to turn over and the dash lights are barely lit!!! i wanna pull my hair out...... So i put the voltmeter on the terminals once it fired up and it was everchanging from 13 v AND HIGHER...IN FACT the meter wouldnt read it a couple times. Oh ya...i took the terminals off just last week when the problem started and i cleaned them with my dremel tool and a wire brush...in fact the positive is showing signs of green corrosion already. Tye
  5. Ive assumed the battery was dead...when i crank it and there is nothing...then i boosted it. I then changed batteries to one i new was good..and nothing. BUT with a good battery in and a boost it starts everytime..and runs just fine!!! When we boosted it, we hooked the cables to the battery terminals...not the engine/metal. Maybe its in the cable somewhere..i dunno...i DO have a voltmeter, so ill check all the points listed above..thanks...im really not that electrical savvy...so this is a crap-shoot for me!!! Tye
  6. I need some major help...here the issue I undid the neg. on the battery (to clear codes) when i went to put the neg. cable back on, it was leaning against the battery holder and once reconnected...the battery was COMPLETELY drained...i mean COMPLETELY!!!!!! So, i boosted it, drove home no prob!!!!!!!! Once home i turned truck off and NOTHING...NO BATTERY POWER!!!!!! Ive tried FOUR batteries, and the truck WILL NOT START WITHOUT A BOOST from another vehicle or a good battery. I use a good batttery to boost it with NO PROB...then i put that good battery in, thinking it should start..and NOTHING..then i boost it with the battery i just took out of another vehicle, and OILA!!!!! IT STARTS!!!!! Cant figure it out, and I NEED MY TRUCK RUNNING!!!! tye
  7. I cant remember if you have a stock radio or an aftermarket...but when you install an aftermarket radio, there is ALWAYS a BLUE lead called "power antenna"..traditionally used as a +12 volt when unit is powered up to give +12 signal to an amplifier to turn on...I havent looked at mine, but if you did an install properly, you wouldve bought a wiring harness to attach to your new head-unit, and interupting the feed from the power antennae might do the trick....It wont be the 12 volt power source...but the +12 volt "switch" so to speak. Its TOO cold for me to rip my dash open right now...or id go do it right now too! Tye
  8. I cant beleive you posted that....when they were first designed...MY WIFE LOVED THEM...then they came out and everyone hated them enought that she changed her tune out of SHEAR EMBARASSMENT.... I did like the practicality and the rear hatch tent...but ewe...nothing could fix that things case of the UGLIES!!!! Tye
  9. waiting for a pkg...cant wait...its like Christmas

    1. 01silvapathy


      What is in said pkg?

  10. im from Bracebridge...well have to get together for this years wheeling eh?


  11. trololo???? Im confused as ever

  12. Im not all there...because im here!!! LOL

  13. I cant answer that one...my clock hasnt worked long enough for me to tell...one or two days in a row at the most...and it hasnt worked at all for a couple months. Tye
  14. Would she have yelled at you if you DID kick his ass???? LOL

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