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  1. I installed mine in my '94 using the front diff out of a '95 that I had. Some late '95s also had 2 pinion carriers. LOKKA can tell you if you give them the VIN.
  2. I received a separate bill for customs fees about 2 weeks after I had the locker. My kit for the '95 did not come with a cross shaft.
  3. Lester. I can't see where you are. I have an R180 out of an 06 frontier in Charlotte NC if you are near me.
  4. Those of you interested need to call LOKKA and give them your VIN. I had to swap the diff from a 95 I had in order to put one in my 94. Not all R200 carriers are the same. Some are 2 pinion and some are 4. They only offer a locker for the 2 pinion.
  5. The only reason to go through mud is to get to the rocks.
  6. They look fine. Not hard to install just time comsuming.
  7. I run 285 75 r16 with only a suspension lift. All it takes is an air saw.
  8. super6turbo4


    I'm not sure what campus you are going to attend but if you are in NC I would not recommend NTI (Nascar Tech).
  9. That is exactly why I carry a complete spare shaft. If you have a PullApart near by you can get one for about $12.
  10. Just don't be afraid of the skinny pedal and some RPMs and it will do just fine. I spin the hell out of my V8 and it has a lot more miles than your VQ. I will try to call you on my way up tomorrow. The wife and I are trying a new place to stay on the other side of the mountain. It looks like it will be more conducive for the whole group in one place. We get to commute on the trails back and forth.
  11. It will do fine. We should have quite a few WD's this weekend. I think you and I are the only Pathys towing though.
  12. Welcome Jon. I was wondering how long it would take you to show up here.
  13. '03 King Ranch SuperCrew 4x4. My DD and tow rig. '07 MazdaSpeed 6 GT. The wifes DD and rainy day fun car. '97 Mustang Cobra. Sunny day cruiser. '89 TBird SC. I call this my sleeper. '71 Dodge D200. Another project. The offroad beater. '91 Mercedes 300E '97 Mazda Miata
  14. Yes if you don't mind cutting. As for power. I think they are underpowered to begin with so with stock gears and 33s it's a dog, but that's another reason I trailer it.
  15. All the pics I have are here. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=18427 I will try to get a few more this weekend.

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