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  1. I cant seem to find new weather molding for the 2 big side windows on the first gen Pathfinders. Amazon, Nissan Parts Deal, eBay produced no results, so Im thinking about pulling it out and using flex seal to fill the gaps? Anyone point me towards a solution?
  2. I cant seem to find new weather molding for the 2 big side windows on the first gen Pathfinders. Amazon, Nissan Parts Deal, eBay produced no results, so Im thinking about pulling it out and using flex seal to fill the gaps? Anyone point me towards a solution?
  3. I have already checked for codes and it gave me #55 (no malfunction). Its a new tbi unit so Im assuming the whistling is because I cleaned the EGR port and the pipe on the mixture pre-heater is making it whistle. Ita at a shop (that I work at) and Ive gotten it to run. However, it is extremely rough. The surging has gone done quote a lot, it idle and runs, but is very, vey rough. I replaced the 2 injectors and we tried messing with some vacuum lines but its stop really rough. Maybe ignition timing?
  4. And the whistling noise is coking from inside / underneath the throttle body. However I have just swapped tbi units and its still whistling so its not a gasket. Im thinking the mixture heater pipe is causing the EGR tube to make a whistling noise
  5. Im pretty sure it isnt timing because itll run for just a few seconds then ill choke itself out while it sputters to a stop. My timing belt was serviced before I bought this truck but the sticker has been wiped clean so I cant see the mileage anymore.
  6. What happened, did you get it fixed? Im having a similar problem
  7. I have an '88 Pathfinder 3.0 v6 that has been giving me trouble for the past 5 months. I just replaced the throttle body (entire unit, sensors too) and now I have a whole new problem. It used to surge up and down erratically, but now it wont even stay running. I think its flooding itself out. It also has a high pitched whistle (no, I dont have a vacuum leak. Ive checked) and will run fine for a few seconds then stumble and die. Ive been struggling for months with this problem, can someone please help me?
  8. Tried searching for a vacuum leak but nothing worked. Sprayed everywhere with starting fluid and nothing happened. Gonna replace the tbi unit
  9. How did cleaning your tbi go? Did it start working again or give you any problems? I rebuilt mine and now its wheezing and whistling and revving up and down
  10. Thanks, Ill give it a try. Anything else I could test while Im at it? Im pretty close to just buying a new Throttle Body unit
  11. Well, it does have suction, but I can put my hand over it and it doesnt change anything. I have tirelessly searched this and other forums for a problem like mine and havent found an answer. Im close to just sending it somewhere to get fixed
  12. I searched for vacuum leaks and couldn't find anything. Sprayed every hose on both ends and the engine didnt react. After a few minutes amd a couple starts I ended up vapor-locking it and gave up. Got any other ideas?
  13. I cant hear it making any sucking noise, because its whistling too loud. Ive got a new can of ether so tomorrow night Ill give it a shot. Any ideas where to start? Likely areas?
  14. I have checked my computer and got a code 55 (no malfunction) I could take the throttlebody off and try the throttle plate screws. It didnt close all the way when I had it off replacing the gaskets. However, there it literally no suction coming from the throttlebody. Im going to test for vacuum leaks tonight
  15. I've replaced my gaskets and made sure everything worked and I still have the revving up and down problem. (Approximately 2,000-2500) Can anyone help me? I have no codes but am pretty sure its a vacuum leak. I just don't know where
  16. My 1988 Pathfinder VG30i gave me a 55 (no malfunction) today, however there is a vacuum leak that might be causing the idle do rev up and down (approximately 1700-2500). I chased it down to behind the throttle body. Should I take it off and try to tighten it down again or look for something else?
  17. Ive got the same idle problem, except it does it until after its warme up. Ive discovered a vacuum leak towards the rear of the throttle body. Can anybody help me?
  18. My 1989Pathfinder has been having problems for months. I can't figure out why the idle is surging (2000-2700 up and down). I've rebuilt the throttle body, replaced the mixture heater, the IACV, the wax type elements, amd cleaned the EGR. I have new plugs and I'm certain I don't have a vacuum leak anywhere. Could this be an ECM problem? Any ideas are worth trying
  19. Itll be sitting for a while with no power so I dont think its the ECU
  20. Never mind, I got it to work finally. What would timing do to effect the idle surging up and down? I'm sure the EGR and its solenoid work because I cleaned them out by hand. I've checked all my vaccum lines and there's nothing to suspect of them. Its not a fuel problem either, as for the first 10 seconds it runs (rpm at or around 3000) and then it drops idle (1500 rpm) and starts surging. Should I mess with the timing? I know there's no ignition problem, as I just replaced the plus and they all seek to work. I've never let it warm all the way up either, as I'm too scared to let it blow up
  21. The dropbox link didnt work, unfortunately. Can you email or send me a link?
  22. Please, Id really appreciate a service manual. Right now its sitting in the driveway because it wont even run anymore. I cant tell you how much I need it up and running again
  23. Does anybody know where the A.I.V hoses run to? Ive replaced mine but I cant figure iut where they end up? Does it go to the catalytic converter or somewhere else?
  24. Ive checked my distributor and it seems pretty clean. Im gonna go ahead and replace my spark plugs. Ive been told that its most likely a vaccum leak somewhere, and Ill probably hunt it down this weekend. Any ideas on what it might be? I know theres a ton of hoses and lines going every direction

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