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  1. no he did not. just said throttle body.. she turns over better now and stayed running for about 2 seconds then died. its getting better I changed plugs and cap. do you know where the Air Idle Control valve is on the car.. I think I'm going to try to clean it..bought a kit to rebuild throttle body.. how hard will that be. thanks Brandy
  2. I think its the Throttle body because about 2 years ago my mechanic said it was going bad. I ignored that in hopes that I could keep her going..i have tried to get mechanics that have more than 20 years of experience to diagnose it but I have gotten no answers that were legitimate, one said it was my alarm.. nope does not come with a kill switch.. im stumped. it does not start it turns over about 4 times but no start and no codes.. it used to start and then die but no longer starts..
  3. I believe it to be the Throttle body.. do I rebuild or buy used
  4. So it will crank like 4 times the fuel injectors are spraying but only when its being started , while key is turning. then does not stay running. Fuel pressure is at 36, then drops to 30 when stating or trying to start etc Computer has no codes but the check engine light is flashing, before it was just on..
  5. it is the fuel pressure regulator and I can not find one that fits.. can I use any Nissan part from 88, like a stanza or something.. walker parts a crap they don't fit, so frustrated with this..
  6. Im looking for a fuel pressure regulator for my 88 pathfinder, non of the walker brand fit.. any one know of a place where I can get one
  7. so I cleaned the throttle body and it seems to turn over better but no start could it be a dirty throttle body-- how do I know if the fuel pressure sensor is working correctly.. is there a way to test it or see if its broken ie stuck open. it has fuel going into it and comes out the return to go back to the tank. could it keep my car from starting. any suggestions we be great -
  8. Can I revive my fuel pressure regulator? Maybe with throttle body cleaner... It has decided to stop working..
  9. I need help understanding where my fuel lines go.. Does the fuel line go from the fuel filter to the top of the fuel pressure regulator ? I believe it to be backwards going to the bottom of the fuel regulator..
  10. So, up to today it has ran intermittently with some dies and some almost dies and stalls. but yesterday it did not want to run.. I had been putting fuel cleaner in it and it was running better but I put gas in and did not add fuel cleaner and it stopped running. may have nothing to do with it. I have changed the Rotor, mas air flow sensor, idle control sensor and removed the CAT..I have pulled out the Oxygen sensor and it did not start. I have checked the distributor and it was turning, I checked fuel lines all have fuel. the only other thing I can think of is the engine temperature sensor...
  11. There's no obvious cracks or breaks. There is some problems with the emissions stuff. The part on the fire I thi,k it's a solenoid, is plugged up and the one next to the radiator is plugged and I just replaced the filter on the side of the firewall , that the solenoid is plugged on. I'm stumped.
  12. I have an 88 pathfinder, it starts but won't stay running a lot of the time and sometimes it runs but when it runs its idling really rough. Changed the following: cam crank sensor, battery, mas air flow sensor, starter need it, the idle senser thingy and roter. I had the idle sensor replaced by a mechanic and then it was idling super high so he turned down the Gas air thing and it ran fine for about 6 months now it's not ....Can someone help me figure this out.. Thanks

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