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  1. All your images are really inspiring ? Hit me up on Instagram @darthfinder
  2. The problem has been solved! The K02 tyre is visibly larger, a rough measurement across the diameter easily shows it coming up as 31", while the K0 TYRE is just over 30". I tried everything, I didn't just remove the bracket on a whim! My first attempt was cranking the tyre up without any changes to the car or the tyre. Second I tried letting the air out. Third I crushed the tyre with a ratchet straps AND removed the bracket. All I can say is, it is impossible (on my car) to fit a 265/70/16 K02 TYRE In the stock location. Also everything back there on my car is OEM! Thanks for the topic, it pushed me to try. I can now run a spare off the roof, albeit a older version of what I'm running.
  3. Yeah that's right, I haven't re-installed it yet but I think I will try get it back on with this smaller K0 tyre.
  4. Sorry haven't taken a picture yet. But just an update, I switched out one of the old tyres and it fits with clearance! So - 100% new 265/70/16 BFG K02, doesn't fit. Old 50% life 265/70/16 BFG K0, does fit.
  5. It is a shame, for now I'll heave it back up on to the roof ?
  6. Nah after reading this I tried again. It fouls the Pan hard rod and doesn't even squeeze in. I could only get it up with that bracket removed and it deflated to 10psi, I also crushed it with a ratchet strap but still too close to the PHR for comfort. Shame I'd really like to keep it there! I think if it was a heavily worn tyre i'd probably be good!
  7. I couldn't fit my 265/70 R16 (BFG K02). Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough, pretty sure it was up against the pan hard rod
  8. I did a rear main seal at 178k bad luck I guess
  9. Also, smart. I wish I thought of this when installing my springs
  10. I didn't consider this. They make the installation look too easy! Makes sense, I guess the line can't come out through the spring
  11. Yep ok, good points. I have raised springs and spacers, it's wasn't possible to get them in without using compressors and I hate using spring compressors! Maybe if I can get the bolt out I can chop the already perished rubber to bits to get it out.. idk. Thanks for your replies!
  12. Does anyone know if it's possible if I jack the car and let the axle hang can I remove the rear bump stops without removing the springs? I know there's a bolt in there.. but maybe I can get a tool in there? any thoughts? I'd like to get airbags in without removing the springs if I can. 2003 R50 ?
  13. So as my kings springs are only getting me 3cm lift, I've also ordered an 1inch SFcreations spacer for the rear, and a small 1.5cm spacer for the front (rated to give 2.5cm with the geometries) just to get a tiny more lift and make it closer to a 2" lift if not a little more

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