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  1. I put electric fans on my 2002 R50 last summer and have never had it over heat. Here in NM the summers get to 105+. I went to the u-pull looking for a Taurus fan and ended up with two fans from a 2007 Acura TL. Originally I had a switch that would turn one fan one between 193-207, which ended up being 207, and the other fan came on with the AC, or anytime you use the auto setting on the climate control. The gauge never went over half way, but with the huge variation of the factory gauge, the engine still got pretty hot and it ran terrible when it was really hot out. I just replaced the 207 degree switch with one that turns the fan on at 185. It runs much better. Lol my brake pedal had been very low and now it is back to the top. I am guessing the hotter engine temps were killing my vacuum. The only thing I worry about now is that the fans are on almost all the time in city driving. As far as gas mileage I honestly didn't notice much difference, but the throttle response on a hot day is ten times better then with the engine fan.
  2. Im going to have my buddy cut them out for me. I just didnt want to make him draw them up if he didnt have to.
  3. I think the pathfinder has a 180 degree thermostat stock, I wouldn't want them to come on that early or the fans would never turn off in the summer and it would never reach normal operating temperature in the winter. I was looking for a 195 to 200 degree switch but I was too impatient to order one so I bought one in town for some chevy. Napa said it would come on between 200 and 212 and it comes on at 207 which is a little higher then I wanted, but it doesn't turn off till 180. The factory water temp gauge never goes above the halfway mark but the truck starts to run bad when it get to 207.
  4. I put some electric fans off of an 07 Acura TL, and they seem to cool it fine but I was wondering what temperature you guys would recommend to have them come on? One fan comes on with the AC, and the other one is on a temp switch that is currently for 207, but I am worried this may be too hot. Thanks
  5. I was wondering if anyone has the file that was used to cut the lift spacers? I want to have them cut in town and I was hoping I could find the file so the water jet shop didnt have to draw it. Thanks
  6. I was thinking about the OME springs and a spacer. My AC lift is 3 years old, I wonder if I have the saggy springs lol.
  7. Cool, I am thinking about doing the same thing. I wish there was a spring that would last longer then two years lol. Maybe ill just put some spacers in.
  8. I have had my AC lift for 3 years now and it seems to me that the front of the truck is sagging lower and lower. My tires are rubbing a lot more then they used to. Has anyone notice their AC front springs sag after a few years? I know during the initial break in they compress about a half inch. Does anyone have any center of hub to bottom of fender measurements? I don't have fender flares on so I need a measurement to the fender. Its a 2002 R50 if it makes a difference on the measurement. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  9. Don't buy the mounts or bearing from 4x4parts.com. In December I blew up my right mount, and now I just blew the let. They were KYBs from AC. I also want to know if anyone has used other brands than KYB? I need to get the path fixed asap and none of the dealers have the mounts, but PartsPlus does and I believe their mounts are made by Monroe. I kind of want to try them so I can have it driving soon, but if they are as cheap as KYB mounts I don't want them.
  10. Im in the process of replacing the rear brakes on my 2002, and I dont know exactly how to adjust the rear shoes/pads. Im used to just turning the star gear until the pads barely touch the drum. The nissan service manual doesnt say anything about this, but it says to adjust the parking brake cable. Do I need to do both? Thanks
  11. I just blew up a KYB strut mount and in the process of replacing it with an oem one, I found out AC sent me struts and mounts for an early R50 when I ordered my lift. I have had them for a while and everything seems ok, but do you guys think this could cause any problems? I have early R50 struts and strut mounts, with late R50 mounting plates, strut bearings, and upper caps. Thanks
  12. I just noticed today that AC sent me struts for a 96-98 Path when I ordered the kit for the 99.5-04. I recently blew up a KYB strut mount and when I ordered the new OEM mount it was different then the one I had blown. Nissan told me I needed the mount for a 96-98 Path which was confusing but I used it. I found my old mounts today and they were for the 99.5-04 Pathys. I checked the KYB part number and sure enough my struts are for the earlier R50s. Hopefully this wont cause any damage.
  13. I have had Warns on my both my pathys and my scout, and they have never given me any trouble. The local Desert Rat and 4WheelParts stock them so I usually just buy them in town.
  14. Yeah if you are making quite a few machning would be sweet. I cant afford yours so going to have to make some for myself, do you think I need a Johnny Joint on both sides? Could one side have a poly bushing?
  15. Well now that i have been looking I cant find a Johnny Joint that isnt threaded. But you could just notch the tube and weld it straight to the DOM of the Johnny joint as long as you could disassemble the joint before welding. Using a Johnny Joint like this> http://www.polyperformance.com/shop/Johnny...ts-p-16765.html Or use something like this> http://rubiconexpress.com/BuilderParts/Pro...spx?part=RE3766
  16. Would it be cheaper to use a weld in bung instead of single point threading them? You could weld it all the way around, and then put about four plug welds on the shaft inside the tube? Also, do they need to be adjustable? Couldn't you just use a Johnny joint that wasn't threaded and weld it in as long as you didnt melt the joint?
  17. Im pretty sure my pathy needs rear arm bushing because of the horrible vibration I get at 65mph and the fact that I always think it is extremely windy lol. I noticed that AC raised their price to $45 bucks a pair, and I am a broke college student. I havent seen the stock bushings, but could there be enough room to fill them up with urethane like this?> http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1188960 I always want to support AC, and have purchased a lift for my old 95 path and my new 02, but I cant really afford 200 bucks right now. Anyone think this would be worth a try?
  18. Can someone explain exactly what worn rear bushings feel like? My 2002 with the AC lift has a horrible shake that starts right a 65 mph and goes away at 70. It isnt in the steering wheel and I have had the tires balanced twice now. I have also noticed a small clunk in the right front when I go over speed bumps but Im not sure if this is the same problem. I just replaced the front wheel bearings, the right upper strut mount and strut bearing. It was just aligned, and I rechecked the bearings to make sure they were tight. After searching the forums I have read it could be a bad strut or the rear bushings, but my KYBs only have about 25k on them. Thanks I just read a post on a bent drive shaft causing this problem, lol it could be anything.
  19. I have a Clifford Matrix with remote start and its amazing lol. I use the remote start everyday to either get the heater going or the AC. It was also nice when I was flushing my trans alone.
  20. Im pretty sure a middle aged lady owned it before I did so I doubt anything was done.
  21. I have 90k on it now. I have never packed the bearings and I doubt the previous owner did. I just figured I would replace everything if I had it apart. It needed rotors and replacing wheel bearings or packing requires the same disassembly. By the way, I installed Power Stop rotors and they are awesome!
  22. I just got mine aligned and it was 90 bucks, but it was done by a shop that is recommended for lifted trucks. I have the AC lift with the alignment bolts. I have read that if you wheel it frequently to have it aligned every 6 months or so. If the new lift will void your lifetime alignment, just pay the one time price.
  23. The passenger side of my path makes a clunk when I go over speed bumps. I found out I had a worn out strut mount and I replaced it assuming this would fix my problem. It is still making the noise after the install and alignment. Any ideas on this?

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