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  • Birthday 06/27/1977

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    96 Pathinder Se & 97 QX4
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    Lenoir City, Tn
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    Regulus RSR
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    Lenoir City, Tn
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    United States
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    I love listening and playing music,camping,cars and good times with the people I love. The Beatles with John Lennon being my favorite Beatle.

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About Me

Born June 27th 1977 in Knoxville , Tn. Graduated from Lenoir City High class of 96. First car 79 Chevrolet Monte Carlo two tone cream and gold. 2nd car another 79 Monte. this one also was 2 tone silver and black. Had a local band where i was the lead, singer and rhythm player. We called ourselves Vinyl Season. I got burnt out on music and fell in love with Nissan's suv R50. For the last 3 years i've bought 3 R50's bringing all 3 back to life. 96,Pathy Se, 97 QX4/Regulus and 98 Pathy XE36063999_1999545067029447_1059548808217624576_n.jpg.2e1b24c642cb97621a8592021609b815.jpg24312483_1894499784200643_1389579186174937977_n.jpg.3bfa3dd0309b02445f779d9c448665f1.jpg

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