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  1. Does anyone know the transmission output shaft diameter (input for the transfer case)? Googling has given me that it is 30 splines (vice the 4cyl trucks 24 spline output shafts - 1”?). Not finding the info for the V6 trans. Thanks
  2. Thanks for verifying the original info and adding to it. I'm impressed there is enough "tolerance" in the factory ECUs to allow some of this MAF and injector juggling. I've gone the megasquirt route on a couple motorcycle EFI conversions -- but would prefer to keep the daily driver "manners" of a factory ECU for cold starts, idle control, etc. It all s a huge investment in time and trial and error to get a stand alone truly to the "factory" levels of drivability vice "good enough" as a hot rod or weekend warrior. This sounds promising...
  3. Ok - yes this is an old post, and yes this was started a bit "tongue in cheek"...BUT, it this information on MAFs and injectors accurate? Or was this just part of the original gag?
  4. Here is what I pullled: Found the same cooler on a 97 Ford van with a Triton V10 and an 01 with a Triton V8. Nice thing is it has barbed fittings for easy install. Here is the cooler from a 99 Chevy Suburban. Similar cooler to the Ford but has hard lines - so would need to find the appropriate fittings to adapt to hose.
  5. DOH! I quit looking too early in that section. Thanks for the help!
  6. Going to the junkyard myself this afternoon and that's one of the items on the list. From what I've googled -- looking for a large plate style cooler off a Ford (250 or 350 series) or GM/Chevy HD (2500 or 3500 series) pickups or vans. They are typically about 11" square depending on the application as I understand it. Hopefully later today I'll have a picture of what I pulled and what it came off of!
  7. think I might have said "nevermind", and then reported "missing" plates the next day...and decided to get regular plates so the hooligans don't swipe the special ones again!
  8. Thanks for the tips. Hoping to get the lift done soon - need time and WX to come together at the same time -- working in the driveway in Colorado! Want to get under the front first and see how much I left in the T bars - or see if they will need to be-indexed before doing the rear springs. Front has sagged enough to cause camber problems with the tires that were on it.
  9. Thanks for the welcome. Been chasing down small issues and doing a little parts gathering. Replaced the instrument cluster - original one had a horrific "glow" overlay that didn't work - couldn't read the gauges at night. It also fixed the "sticky" speedo issue at the same time. While I pulling out the rats nest of wiring that went with the gauge overlay, yanked out the "glow" pedal covers too. Added a console armrest extension pulled from the junkyard at the same time as the instruments. Also scored a pair of .590" JGC springs while there. A set of 16" Xterra rims from Craigslist are waiting for a set of 245/75 16's or 265/75 16's -- from Craigslist of course - just waiting for another really good deal.
  10. Picture from Craigslist it worked!
  11. Just bought a 1994 Pathfinder off craigslist on a tow title for $1000. Rust free frame! Mostly stock -- appears to have been originally sold by a dealer in Puerto Rico. Appears to be a solid truck - just needs a bit of care to make it a reliable DD and weekend fun truck. http://www.fjowners.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9419 Great site with lots of usable info - thanks for all that have contributed!
  12. links in previous posts didn't work - but this one did! Thanks!

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