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  1. I am wanting to put a basket on the rack to mount lights antenna etc. is the rack that is there ok to mount a basket to? thank you
  2. I am wanting to remove the Roof Rack with the spoiler looking thing in front and install the one with the bard across the top(like the silver pathy) Is it possible to do this? thank you
  3. I had gotten away from the pathfinder Thomas I am restarting on that adventure again It is a 2004 SE I am going to take pics and post I have a lot of projects id like to do and a lot of things that need fixing.
  4. Hello I am wanting to mount a LED light in the front bumper as a fog light and need input. I am looking at either a 12" or 20 inch light for this. Has anyone mounted a light there and have any suggestions on what size to mount there? also i am wanting to tie the wiring for the light into the wiring for the OEM fog lights. Is this ok or will that freak the computer our? Or pull too much power for the system? Also has anyone installed a LED light bar on the roof of your pathy? Id like to see how the light bar was mounted as well as how it was wired in. and last of all WHERE did you get your light ? Thanks Ya all for the help
  5. Hello I am looking to replace the bushings on my pathie with new Polyurethane bushings There is a choice between a solid bushing and a split bushing. Other than ease of installation, is there an advantage/disadvantage in one vs the other? Does the Solid bushing last longer then the split bushing? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated
  6. I am currently in the process of purchasing the parts i need to replace the front suspension on my pathfinder I already have the KYB Excel-g struts and the KYB SM5329 mounting kit and the OME springs. what other seats etc from the diagram below should i replace as i install the new parts
  7. is there a set for the 2004 that you would recommend? thanks
  8. HMMMM the BOSE stereo doesnt work.. It lights up but no sound Im not wanting a top of the line and not wanting to spend a lot of money on it just something to listedn to CDs on and listen to the radio anyone have any suggestions I know that an aftermarket one would be a HUGE headache thanks
  9. Im going with the 1/4 in spacers because i am installing Manual lockers and need the 1/4 in spacers to clear the oem rims. If i could find a rim that will allow a slightly bigger tire and allow the lockers then that is what im wanting
  10. Is there any other manufacturers of rear bumpers for the2004? I have look and choices seem to be limited.
  11. Hello First this is not a first post but an intro REDUX I would like to thank the people that have answered my questions to this point I am trying to find the answer to most of my questions. I hate trying to reinvent the wheel OK Thomas (yes i name my vehicles) is a 2004 Pathfinder This is jsut after i washed and cleaned him up a bit I have changed the oil and filter I used a K&N filter and mobile 1 (5w30) full synthetic Oil i am planning a Trans oil and filter change as well. I don't know what is in it so best to be safe I am planning on using a good synthetic ATF. DEXIII any suggestions on brand .. Is there something better then DexIII? The MOds i have planned are NEW suspension I am going to install KYB Excel-g struts and Old Man Emu Heavy duty springs in front and Old Man Emu Shock and Springs in the back I am also going to replace the rest of the moving bits and parts on the suspension. I am going to replace the Brakes Including Rubber Brake lines Calipers/brackets Rotors and Shoes This is for both front and rear I am looking to purchase a tactical Armour group rear bumper with tire carrier On the interior i am planning at least one radio (probably 2m since i am a ham radio operator) A CB is also planned I am going build some storage into the back that i am going to build myself. I am going to install Rugged Ridge manual lockers and then 1/4 in spacers. I am planning a missing link that i can fab OK NOW FOR THE QUESTIONS I am looking for a Aftermarket wheel for this vehicle what is everyone using? what is the backspace for the stock wheel? Any other suggestion on Mods or observations would be greatly appreciated ENJOY
  12. ok tonight i have ordered the OME suspension without the front struts. I am getting the KYBs for the front. I was looking at the stock fog lights and am wondering if there is a good upgrade for them?
  13. I purchased a 2004 Pathfinder LE I have been doing a lot of reading here and on other forums. I am wanting to redo the suspension. The Odometer has over 200K miles so i am thinking that the suspension is pretty much toast. I am to replace the warn suspension that is there with something better. The parts that i have questions are the shock/struts and springs. I am looking at using the Old man emu springs and shocks and the KYB Excel-Gs struts in front. Has anyone tried this setup? Can anyone give me any suggestions? Also will the 1.5 to 2 in lift that comes with the OME setup cause issues with the CV joints int he shafts? I am going to be installing Manual locking hubs in the front(Rugged Ridge 15001.61) With .25 inch spacersTrans-Dapt Performance Disc Brake Spacers 7107 (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/TRD-7107/) . I know that i need to redo the studs. can i use the same ones that are for the rear or do i need to use a M12x1.5(necessitating new lug nuts)? With the spacers installed what is the largest tire that i can install? what would be a good tire to install for both on and offroad as well as snow on the roads? I am going to do a Missing link. I can fab one myself It is going to cost me about $10 ill post pics of what i build. Future Mods are: Skid Plates at least front and possibly middle Front brush guard Tail light guards Lights in front and rear and on top. How have you run the wiring for the lights? and mounting suggestions. I am planning on installing a ham radio and a CB radio. Does anyone have any pics of the install of the radio as well as the install of the antennas? Any suggestions on the wiring for the power of the radios? This is a partial list of threads that i have read so far on my '04 R50 http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/39147-longer-wheel-stud-options/ http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/33354-manual-locking-hubs-with-stock-03-04-wheels/ Any other suggestions for recommended reading on this forum or others
  14. I recently purchased my 2004 Pathfinder and have installed a transmission cooler (first mod). I have to top off the fluid. Do i go ahead and use the matic D that manual calls for or Merc III that can be used in its place. I just purchased this vehicle so i dont know that is in it now thanks

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