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  1. When I go out, its usually to the desert. Nothing real hard core, just rough "two track" roads. There are some pretty cool rock formations, lava tubes, and some craters to the north past the Civil Defense Caves. Head east from the Civil Defense Caves and you can end up at Sand Creek WMA and Island Park.

  2. South is pretty much all residential to Idaho Falls. To the West and North you have more desert, about a 20 mile by 70 mile strip from the Snake River on the south end, to Interstate 15 at the west. North you will be into the forest and Montana before you see much for civilization. Most of my off road adventures have been in the desert to the North.

  3. To the south and east there are forest service roads. Head up past the water tower out of Rexburg till you come to the T, Then take a left. Right at the next T and you will soon be in the Forest. This will put you between Kelly and Green Canyons. Mostly forest service roads up there. There is Websters Dam, if you can find it. Stay out of there when its wet. You wont be able to climb back out.

  4. There is Relay Ridge to the east. There is a forest service road up past Green Canyon Hot Springs that will take you to the high point. You can see from Idaho Falls to Driggs from up there. If you take the right roads you can get from Green Canyon to Kelly Canyon in a couple of hours. All forest service Roads. Pretty much no getting lost in this area. Sooner or later you will get to pavemment.

  5. Further north you will get into the mountains past Kilgore. Mostly forest service roads. East and north past Ashton there is sheep falls.You will get pretty close to Yellowstone in this area. Lots of rivers in this area and the scenery cant be beat. Check with the forest service for maps of the area. Take a right at the flashing light in Ashton, then follow the signs toward Cave Falls.

  6. That's a tough question. There are lots of places to go. To the north you have the St. Anthony Dunes. You have probably passed them on the way to the civil defense caves. Air down for the sand, maybe 12-15 PSI is plenty. If it is your first experience out there, make sure you have another vehicle or two with you for recovery or a ride home. There are also miles and miles of desert to ex...

  7. Hey, I spend alot of time in Eastern Idaho. What are the best places you know of to ride? I only know of places around Rexburg like Kelly's Canyon, some of the lava fields, and the trails going out to the caves. I really don't know anything south of Rexburg besides Kelly's.

  8. has not set their status

  9. I've got a Losi Lst XXL, and MegaBaja. Both 1/8 scale nitro. And a losi Micro Desert Truck. Need to get some pics.
  10. Did some price checking. Found 9' of 2.5" schedule 80 pvc for $26.50. .276" wall thickness. Should be pretty tough even after heating. Even if it gets damaged, it wouldnt be too expensive to replace. Just a little time to bend it to fit.
  11. I dont get all the fittings. Its just plastic, heat it up and bend it. You wouldnt get a tight 90, but it could be "swept" along the fender and up the a-pillar. Lots cleaner IMHO.
  12. Check partsamerica.com. You can order online with a discount and pickup at Advance Auto Parts, Checker Auto Parts, Schuck's Auto Supply or Kragen Auto Parts. Did a search for crank angle sensor this is what I got: http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductList.as...Position+Sensor They are aparantly not in stock in my area. But they are half the price they are at Napa. The crank sensor is a bugger to get to. Its on the top of the trans on the drivers side at about the 11:00 position. A 10mm ratchet wrench is about the easiest way to get the one bolt out that holds it on. If its not damaged (bent like mine was) it should take about 30 minutes to change.
  13. '96 R50, purchased in 02 with 55k, now 189k on the clock. MT died at 179k due to bearing failure. $320 to rebuild. Resurfaced flywheel at failure. First clutch at 140k and it still had life left.

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