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  1. Does anyone know where I can get the index bolt for my torsion bars to adjust them?

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    2. andreus009


      you won't find a suitable bolt at your hardware store.


    3. andreus009


      it is a fully threaded bolt. you will find when you get to longer bolts at hardware stores they are only partially threaded. I had to special order bolts from grainger for a temporary replacement. It was an english bolt, so had to order nuts as well.

    4. RedPath88
  2. I have heard that grand Cherokee front coil spacers fit in the rear of WD21's.. Is this true?
  3. I have heard that grand Cherokee front coil spacers fit in the rear of WD21's.. Is this true?
  4. My speedometer lags at certain speeds, it lags between 24-27mph, 30-36mph, and 63-70mph. What is the cause of this problem, and how can i fix it?
  5. I'm having electrical problems, when I turn my WD21 off, the dash lights stay on to get them to turn off I have to turn it over for about a second and stop then the dash lights go off. Help?

    1. Slartibartfast


      Marker light contacts in the headlight switch sticking?

  6. Thanks a lot man, really helps.
  7. Could I swap my 3.0 with a Chevy 4.3 vortec?
  8. Is it possible to put a roof rack on a WD21 without drip rails?

    1. Slartibartfast


      I don't think the WD21 ever had drip rails. The stock one just screws into the roof.

    2. RedPath88


      If your talking about the removable clamp on crossbars, then yes. They make versions with brackets that grip inside the door jams.

  9. I replaced my master cylinder and then bled my brakes, I have a soft pedal and brakes are weak.. Help?

    1. RedPath88


      There is a ton of information and much more help over


    2. Nefarious


      did you bench bleed the master cylinder first?

  10. How can I get more flex out of my stock 95 pathfinder?

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    2. CO_pathfinder


      :) glad I could help
    3. RedPath88


      You really should search existing threads and then start a new one to address any questions you could not find answers too. There are cons to removing sway bars and bump stops. Status updates should not be used for real help. Simple and minor questions are one thing but most people do not read these and they are, after all, "status updates" not help, troubleshooting or advice updates.

    4. RedPath88


      Oh and make your first post and introduction, a little about your and your pathfinder in the "New people start here" section, then head to the garage, after reading up, for specific questions. Welcome to NPORA!

  11. Is there some kind of plug in the master cylinder in a 95 pathy? My master cylinder is leaking brake fluid

  12. Does anyone have a blueprint for a skid plate for the 1995 pathys? I really want to build my own that runs from where my brush guard is bolted to somewhere behind the oil pan.. Thanks.

    1. Harbinger


      Make a scale model out of cardboard and just fab up your own design. :)


    2. tanpathy1995


      I'll have to try that. Thanks Harbinger

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