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  1. I just received my order for the super slider version (bolt-on of course) earlier this week. I'll post once I install them. This would be my second time getting this. I had a 97 years back and sold it. Now I have a 2002. Once I feel confident in my welding skills I'll cut the brackets and weld it. For now the bolt-on approach is more than sufficient for me. I can take pictures this weekend of me unwrapping it from its packaging.
  2. I cannot wait to receive mine! Thanks again for making this! This is metalnmotor from IG by the way.
  3. Looking forward to this. PM sent several days ago. I'm pretty much ready to buy.
  4. Jeez...that location brings back memories (240sx meet spot). Ok see you guys there.
  5. I'm fine with this, but be prepared for that parking lot on a Friday night to be crowded. Its a tight spot compared to other more wide open parking lots.
  6. I'm coming from Fremont as well (straight from work), but Oakland or whatever location everyone finalizes would be fine for me. Let's keep the original day and time as much as possible. Hopefully more members will post in the days leading up the to the meet.
  7. To XPLORx4, yes, I found a rear end damaged 2001 R50 on craigslist and took the front end and piece the rest. I like the honeycomb grill style and kept my 97 bumper support and amber signal lights and rewired the corners, headlights, and 97 amber signals. It's actually pretty straight forward just time consuming. I took the fenders and flares, hood, grill, headlights corner lens, and smaller surrounding pieces for the grill and that was it. I used some some the newer inner wheel well plastics and replaced my 97 old stuff. All the plastic fasteners can be bought at any auto store and hardware....there is always zip ties too. Make sure to have Loctitie.
  8. What a view. I bet the journey was just as epic as that view. I'd call in sick for work literally at that peak and not come home for a while.
  9. ^ I would have preferred the South Bay. I can drive straight from work to the meet. Maybe next meet.
  10. Sounds good. I should be able to make that Friday 13th meet. oooooooh scary......wait it's not October. Just a heads up about the 880freeway either South or North bound on a Friday can be a nightmare of a crawling traffic and that's not including if accidents happen.
  11. Hey, Got a message from Enjoi408 about this thread so I'll try my best to keep this alive. I'm from the East Bay. I own a '97 with the newer front end. 2" lift. 5-sp manual 4x4 awesome fun , but not so when crawling in traffic for an 1 hour and a half going home from work.
  12. ^They'll post soon. Probably this summer. Not that I'm making hype or a mystery about it, but it's best to wait to hear from him when they are ready. I'll be hanging on to my R50 for a long while and I'm in need of a rear tube bumper to match my front so I can wait.
  13. ^ Curious to know how much does the factory full grill guard weights?
  14. There will be a front and rear bumper for the R50 fabricated soon, but I would assume in limited numbers. I'm in the middle of getting my R50 upgraded from a 2" to a 4" lift that would have a similar design.
  15. Welcome to NPORA. I'm fairly new just haven't been posting a lot mostly just reading everyone else's posts and threads for insight. Pathfinders are awesome....4Runners are over rated.....lol

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