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  1. Took her out in search of mud yesterday. No puddles, just the dried up swamp was left
  2. Buddy, I've been gone for a bit but just updated myself on your R50 and well done on the work you've put into it! Seriously, kudos!
  3. Sanded my surface down and used Duplicator rattle cans. Haven't had any issues and anytime it did chip off was due to tight trails and trees hitting the surface.
  4. Winnipeg airport? I'm in Shilo so you might be recognizing the military housing, different base though.
  5. Changed my passenger side fender. Finally.
  6. Thanks, I've got some work lined up once it warms up to clean up the rust.
  7. We've been sitting at -30 to -40°C lately but she's started each morning for work!
  8. Oooooooh nice! There was a 94 Safari for sale locally a couple years ago and knowing what I know now I'm kicking myself for not jumping on it.
  9. My pooch as she'll commonly take my seat when I get out to do something.
  10. That's what I meant yes, but I didn't even think about a 2WD console...
  11. You're friend doesn't pump his own gas?
  12. Digging around, will a bumper/bush bar that's advertised for a 90-95 fit on earlier?
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