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  1. Ok so I was driving along and it sputtered and died, when I tried restarting it I can hear it firing through the exhaust. Was on my way to work so I haven't had a chance to check dis. For rotation. If it isn't that by some miracle of God any other areas to start ?
  2. it worked, but i went from the original 235 tires to 31's, and wanted a true speedometer reading. when i put the new one in it wouldn't work. i have pulled it out and hand spun it. it registered on the dial..been working a lot so i haven't been able to pull it again to check dimensions
  3. yeah i got the part number from alkhorail. he didnt mention any spacer... previous pinion was fine. i will check the sizes though sounds like a good start
  4. Put new pinion gear on vss, and when I turn it by hand the needle works, but when driving it won't work?... What did I do wrong
  5. when i get it in i will do that, so others do not have to struggle.
  6. Does anyone know the name if the person with the 4.3 on theirs... I'd like to pick their brain
  7. Yeah I pm him he already got me the number lol I have it on order, and thank you for the spring info guys!
  8. has anyone done a non nissan engine swap? like a 4.3 chevy, ford 4.0 or even attempted a V8? just curious cause 3.0 are hard to find, mine is pushing 200k (i know from a 1995 quest minivan the 3.3 lasted well up to 350k and was still going before it was traded in) but i am a gear head, and always thinking outside the box putting in a timing kit in the next 2 weeks so i was just thinking...what if ?
  9. First off thank you npora brethren, for with out y'all all would be lost in this bias aftermarket world . Because of y'all I was able to re index my t bars with ease and do a few other things. Now here are my questions 1) I saw the forum on how to use jeep coil springs for the rear axle, but as far as pictures to show what To do they have been deleted.. If some one could explain in depth how to cut as measure I would be grateful 2) I have a 94 xe so I had the smaller tires, I put 31s on it and I read on a thread how you can change the vss pinion gear a part number or reference would be greatly appreciated, luckily here a my local Nissan dealership I grew up with the parts manager( my mom was employed there in the 90s ,ironically I played I the same model pathfinder that was a show room piece as mine is lol) but I could easily get the part, just need a little direction Thank you, Jason-- Santa Fe, TX
  10. ...really? lol sad thing is how many of us thought that exact thing? i know i am guilty
  11. as far as lift i was looking for something for the rear, i know you can wrench up the front torsion bars and that is fine, mine is my daily driver so i dont want to go too extreme, but i want to keep the stock stance when i raise the torsion bars. bumpers: thanks guys i will see if i can find something around on
  12. where are they? its like i gotta fabricate everything i want, front bumper with winch spot, cant find a lift worth a dang...if i had a jeep (which i used to have) stuff was everywhere... but here is the funny thing, my Pathfinder is more rugged and trail ready stock; than most jeeps...
  13. my shoulder is reminding how it felt tearing apart and rebuilding the front end of my pathfinder...4 times in a row

  14. Awesome.... Didn't think about that
  15. You wanna know what I did to my 94? I rebuilt the front end and added every little tid bit of stock stuff I could, got another hook for up front, ordered the stabilizer pin for the frame oh and got a shield for the front under carriage, now only if I could put a roof rack on... The local donor I've been picking clean has one...
  16. Yeah I can see the distaste oh well
  17. Ok so we all here know what Nissan and their performance brand NISMO are capable of... The pathfinder originally was the answer to TOYOTA 4 Runners and the Isuzu troopers and Mitsubishi Monteros etc. but will the new pathfinder really be a Pathfinder? Or will it be a murano with different lines?
  18. Ended up going with Mile Marker. They are just as durable as the Warn, but half the price. And they too have a lifetime warranty
  19. Luckily I have a good friend that (a) knows his Nissan's; and ( runs the local Nissan dealers parts division... There are 5 factory stabilizer bolts left in the good Ole US of A.... And one is mine yay!!!! So now my Pathy is completely rebuilt to factory standards of an XE-V6... Thank goodness my local salvage yards had 2 donors
  20. They do have a lifetime warranty an they mean it
  21. My pathy has the auto lock factory, gonna install the warn premium manual hubs ( I don't trust auto hubs at all) anyone have a say on the quality or malfunctions of the warn hubs?
  22. So I have my 94 pathy 4x4... And I was going to replace the steering damper that is supposed to be there , guess what the frame mounted pin is missing... Anyone know of a good after market solution; even if it is a welded custom job?
  23. changed the brakes, shocks, and went junkyard diving for some replacement parts... all in all good day

  24. Hey everyone !! my Pathfinder is my daily driver but i am in the middle of making neccessary upgrades, converting manual locking hubs, putting nice big tires on it, pace setter headers, wanna find a snorkel and get a winch bumper made anyways looking forward to seeing stuff on this forum

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