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  1. so i saw 2 funny things this weekend while wiring up a guys Barn... 1 was a 4runner (1st gen) lifted like 12 in. sitting on 44's (try to get a picture when i go back out there) and then also i saw a ford ranger early 90's with what i swear looked like a 2 door pathys hatch cab, had the little triangle windows and the angle where a lot of people cut them off at.(if i see it again i will post a pic) oh yeah and nunya...
  2. Yeah x2 on everything, I use gates belts and hoses... And I have a commercial account at my local Oreilly auto parts so I get a discount. So I get their new water pump and such. Hey B did you do the wife's ? How much different is it than the 3.0
  3. As far as I know, it should LOCK all doors and hatch with one turn, when unlocking one turn is drivers door 2 in rapid succession will unlock all doors and hatch
  4. Took the R52 to the dealer for damage assessment of the fender bender the wife had... And to get the fog lights installed
  5. When I was introduced to cars at the ripe age of 4 I was told all cars are girls and to name them appropriately. My 04 Ram is Bonnie cause she will rob you blind( 12 mpg) and she's a killer. Juliet is the pathfinder cause our story is one of constant tragedy, and there are few others That's JP And I have my 84 GMC which is Blue, cause she is light blue
  6. Ride through the country, cause this is where i live LOL 6 acres and nothing around me!!
  7. Bro this game looks sick!! once i get my PC upgraded a little i am definitely getting this
  8. no checking the timing with a light is to determine that you are firing at the correct time, and on the right cylinder. i had this same problem on my '84 GMC small block... had to replace the distributor on that one. im with Alkorahil definitely sounds distributor related. an easy way to tell on the crank if you are firing at the right time (at least how i do it) paint the slash that you need only and point the light on the crank
  9. Happy fathers day to all the Dads out there in Pathfinder Land
  10. well i lowered my T bars a little bit and evened them out, driver side was maxed out. now i have some travel before the CA bump stop. but i don't know what the PO originally had on the truck. cause i have no rubbing when turning the wheel.. oh well. i just know i want to go a little higher to get some clearance under me. either BJ spacers and coil spacers from Fleurys when they are available... or if Beastpath gets back to me on his for sale stuff...either way i am on a mission
  11. slowly reducing the list of to-do's only to have more appear!!

  12. hey my peeps, this is my first instructional so forgive me in advance like it says i lowered my rear axle on the 94 today and don't remember an illustrated version so for all to see my shade tree mechanics at work!! step 1 jack up the truck at the rear chunk as this will lift the rear somewhat even and support with jacks. Here is the best location i found: it is just past the Lower Trailing Arms frame mount Step 2 Take off wheels, then undo Shocks and track bar ( it is the bar that goes diagonal across the back) the shocks use a 17 MM and the track bar uses a 20 MM. Step 3 as the picture shows lower the rear axle till the Trailing arms bottom out but watch your rubber brake line as not to damage it from this point the springs can be removed with ease with a little prying, when i did it i was able to push up and pull out, no compressors needed here is picture from the driver side without the axle bump step 4 use a wire wheel or brush to clean the area or dirt and grime ok for us SAE people i used a 17/32 drill bit and a 5/8-11 tap set step 5 install axle stops, there is an F with a directional arrow for front ok if you are installing new shocks and spring this is where you would install them. and just reverse the process. IMPORTANT NOTE. Install the bottom shock mounts first for 2 reasons A) the track bar blocks them B ) it helps locate the axle for the track bar. jack up the axle install wheels and make sure everything is tight Have Fun!! Jason
  13. yeah it is a shame there isn't that many of us in Texas hell i think we are the only 2 that are active on the coast... Yep unless its a big truck on 44's or a jeep lifted to the sky...no Love for the Pathy
  14. So I have had a Nissan in the family since I was like 8: 89 stanza wagon, 94 sentra, 2 early 90's quest etc. I always new you could lock all doors from driver side but just now I figured out how to unlock all doors... Holy crap just turn the key twice
  15. Yeah the only thing better I could say is if it happened in the parking lot as he was getting into it
  16. That would be great nunya, yeah I have a local machine ago that is gonna take care of the heads and to relieve to problem they Are purchasing the headers. They didn't even blink when I told them how much parts are... I have a policy, do it right or not at all... No piece-mealing or cutting corners. I like repeat customers but not when it's the same problem
  17. You know you drive a pathfinder when you have to disassemble the front of the motor to just change a coolant bypass hose
  18. Country and metal and rock. Fav bands are Metallica and Rise Against. But I was raised on classics like James Brown and temptations
  19. So I'm a decent wrench monkey, I do it on the side for play money, but I digress My masonic brother has a 93 HILUX 4x4 that supposedly needs a new head gasket and I may post some photos on this thread just so us Nissan people can see what the tonka toys look like inside. Here is one to start a side x side of motors ... Definitely similar
  20. They were insured and it just messed up the little chrome piece on the bumper and she is just a little sore from tensing up
  21. In our area we really don't air down, crawling/ mountain trails don't exist lol. we have Gumbo for mud... Which for people who don't live here means ancient seabed. yes the Pictures were pre-torsion bar tightening. i had to re index 3 notches and tighten the heck out of the bolts to get what i have now. the PO drove this thing to the ground... every steering part has been replaced except the IA. the only thing i haven't touched on the Chassis/suspension as far as replacement is the TA's and the strut rod bushings, and CA bushings... those are next once Summer Cruise is over. (The boss lady said if it drives leave it alone till afterwards)... i would like to be as economic as possible on my lift. I would ideally like Aftermarket CA's, but considering i need a new clutch, and UJ's plus i want headers, exhaust, filter relocation. etc... Ball joint spacers seemed the next thing in line on that note, you guys n' gals have some serious rigs on here, and i love seeing them... and it seems there are a lot more available donors out there in yall's area. here in Texas unless i feel like driving for 8 hours 1 way i cant even find one that would be donor applicable. (meaning cheap)
  22. Just as the title says... Bought the thing Saturday, Tuesday it caught a rock from a dump truck on the windshield , and she just called me, someone Rear ended her; mother f.....

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