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  1. Hey man!! Long time no see. I am really leaning towards a 1st gen armada, with 4 kids I have to have a 3rd row, plus some storage. If I can’t find a decent one for a decent price I’m gonna start looking at suburbans. Yes you are very right, off road conditions are very freaking hostile here. That gumbo we have for mud destroys $50k built trucks... but I have to admit the ol’ WD never had too much problems (well except that one time you had to pull me out cause I fell in a YUGE rut) The main thing is the wife has to be able to drive it Incase her car breaks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. I had to sell my WD about the end of 2015, yeah I am looking forward to it a little. Just trying to learn the nagging problems they may have, just so I know what to expect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Yes luckily they were under warranty on the wife’s car... part of it had to do with the tcm, it caused the tranny to work harder, in fact there is a continuing recall on it. As far as seating I need the third row, which the r52 and armada have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Hey everyone, been a while, well I think I finally convinced the wife to let me get another pathfinder. Only catch is it’s gonna have to be a R51, or possibly and armada of the same year range 07-etc. as much as I wanted another WD, or hardbody, with 4 kids I couldn’t sell the her on the idea. So hopefully in about 3 months time I will be the proud owner of another Pathy. So my fellow gear heads, what are some pro and cons of a 4x4 R51. Ps, the wife still has her R52, and it has been through 3 tranny rebuilds with only 109k miles on it... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Unfortunately when my buddy got home he got sick at just the sight of it, loaded it on the trailer and scrapped the whole thing... I asked him why, he said that he just didn't want to deal with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Yeah she was a clean beast... and his mom told me she was so grateful that I built and maintained her To the best standards. It destroyed the frame up front, actually bent the passenger side by about 6 inches[emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Well, sadly my friends son who bought my pathfinder from me a year ago got into an accident yesterday. Luckily he is OK, and the Pathfinder held up like a tank. They want to part it out I will send pictures and put a classifieds ads when I get there, in our classifieds section on this forum it is a 94 SE 4 x 4 manual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. It had the numbers on there, but I wanted to make sure I put it on the correct way.
  9. The sound is intermittent. And the fluid level keeps dropping. Now it just whines all the time. Also one of my cooling fans is going out... This car is becoming a pain in the ass
  10. No I haven't. But I could check them just for grins
  11. I fixed it. Hallelujah!!! So the official report is: after replacing all the fuel injectors and the fuel pressure regulator, it started running rough, after doing several diagnostics I found the common wire between the three inside injectors was open. The connection point with the factory crimp was bad. I replaced that but still had a miss or two. found a bad PCV hose on my bypass, fixed that still had number five cylinder miss no matter what I did it did not go away. Before grabbing the can of gasoline and the book of matches, for one last time I wiggled the injector. when the injector it's self rotated, the miss went completely away. Official diagnosis misaligned injection port in the fuel rail?
  12. Hey the position of the rotor works for me. Thanks guys
  13. Hey peeps. I believe it is my electric power steering making the sound. It's interment and sounds horrible. Also when it does it you can feel vibrations in the engine bay. Just wondering if anyone else has had the issue? Thanks good for 100k certified Nissan warranty
  14. I know on a GM that would be the ignition control module without a doubt . ( the trapezoid object mounted behind the coil I believe on the nissan)
  15. And the firing order is counterclockwise and is 1,2,3,4,5,6... Correct?
  16. Also, I know it seems like a weird request but could somebody send me a picture of their distributor cap so I can see where their number one spark plug wire is positioned?
  17. Hey guys, have been working non stop, now I am on nights. Gonna try and look at it one morning when I get off work
  18. Thanks guys I'll report when I find it. I have a fuel gauge and vacuum gauge in my shop.
  19. hey guys, changed injectors and FPR. plugs, cap, rotor. checked for vac leaks with starting fluid. when you give it full throttle it runs great, but at idle it barely wants to run. what am i missing? is it possible that the new FPR is bad? also i found a bad wire on the common for my injectors 2,4,6. repaired that. please any help before i get the can of gasoline and a lighter
  20. Hey peeps, replaced all injectors and the pressure regulator. Now I got a stutter and some intermediate missing at idle. But if I nail the throttle it runs ok-ish... Any suggestions?
  21. Thanks, and I have one out on each bank so I figure I'll do them all. And thanks for the heads up about the gas and the O rings
  22. Yeah I am gonna get a whole set of refurbished ones off eBay, I don't like my odds of another going out, especially if someone is testing it out
  23. I wouldn't be able to tell. It's hitting like a jackhammer right now with the bad injections
  24. suspect how? i ohmed them at the injector itself. thinking i might have a bigger issue coming?

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