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  1. Manifold. It probably isn't cracked. The studs were weak from the factory and stretch causing a leak. Chances are you will break a few trying to remove them so plan your time accordingly.
  2. I remember following your build on TNX, I had an 07 OR that I built up. Now have a 1992 pathy. You'll love wheeling a cheap rig. Looking forward to what you come up with!
  3. How well do those tires stuff? We're going to have to have a shake down run when you get it put together, can't wait to see it in person.
  4. You'd be looking at coilover towers, new tubular style upper and lower control arms just as a start. The stock units would not only not fit the coilover, they are not designed to be run at the more extreme angles a long travel suspension would run at.
  5. Replaced the passenger side exhaust manifold, it's quieter now. Must be a very small leak on the drivers side. Still a light tick until warm.
  6. Wow! That overshadows my update. New passenger side exhaust manifold, no more truck turrets! Not sure I could part with my pathy. I sold my '72 bronco when I had kids. I've regretted it ever since. I don't want to make that mistake again.
  7. Thanks CO! The trucks coming along nicely. Need to figure out a shake down run before wheeling season gets into gear.
  8. Tried my hand at bed lining the fenders with rustoleum a bed liner. We will see how it holds up
  9. My Hootus?! If I'm not mistaken, it's generally well protected. Is further care required?!
  10. Had to do some cutting and grinding to clearance for new tires. I want to seal up the bare metal in primer, then cover it and a small area outside the fenders in bedliner. Anyone have any experience with the rustoleum, duplicolor, hurculiner... One better than the other?? Thanks!
  11. Again I'm double posting. Technology hates me, my apologies.
  12. Ended up with 33x12.50 federal couragia MT's. I'd love to post up a pic but tapatalk has failed all over this thread. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll update on how they wear/perform. Reviews are mixed but for how I plan on using them they should be good.
  13. Love Pitbulls. 33x13.5 just sounds a little wide for my pathy. Thanks.
  14. Ha! I like your thinking! I don't think I will need to air down that far. I'm just trying to step up a level.
  15. 5523, I'm going aggressive because I've run other MT's, been happy with their performance. I just want to see what a true, dedicated offroad tire can do. Now that I'm not DDing the rig, I'd like to give it a shot.
  16. Nunya, sorry about the multiple posts. Had no idea, every time I tried to post the original I got a message saying it had failed to upload. Sure didn't want a bunch of duplicate threads! My apologies.
  17. Fired her up for the first time in a year, cranked first time. She got a new timing belt, water pump, belts, full tune. Then a good wash, cut all new mats out of commercial walk off mat material. Very happy she's running again!'
  18. Now I just need some help narrowing down which ones! Sorry I haven't been on the boards frequently. My pathy took a bit of a backseat to work and family. It's time for it to get a little love. I've run Km1's and Km2's, both in a 33x10.5 I like the size, both performed very well off and on road, good wear characteristics. I'm now daily driving a Tundra, the Pathy will only see pavement in its way to the trails. I'm from the PNW, we wheel a good mix of mud, rocks, dirt and snow, with lots of side wheeling. I'm looking into the various TSL range. My choices are narrowed down to 33x10.50 TSL radial (great size, probably best road manors) 32x11.50 TSL Bias Ply (very tough sidewall, offroad durability, flat spots and worse tread wear) Or do I step it up to the 34x10.50 LTB?? I know the LTB would require more fender mods, would probably wreck havoc on the IFS also. But the LTB's are so aggressive they are hard to over look. Right now I'm leaning towards the 32x11.50 Bias Ply. They measure out almost as tall as my current BFG's, and they have a little extra width. Let me know your thoughts. I will be sure to post up pics and reviews regardless. Thanks!
  19. Tearing down the AC should be easy, just do our environment a favor and have a properly equipped shop discharge it for you.
  20. I jumped to the home made surf board carriers I saw in Hawaii this summer.
  21. If you can, try dressing the belt with hairspray and see if the noise changes or goes away temporarily. If so, change the belt. As 5523 said, if it's a "super charger" style whine that is RPM dependent, could be the timing chain guides.

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