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  1. What was the part number for the bosch senso? Rockauto has them as left and right and I don't know which one is which side. Thanks.
  2. Sounds good Steve, thanks for the update. I noticed they updated thier part numbers on the PDF for Pathfinders. Also, thanks for getting the springs out to me. They work great.
  3. Yea, OME only makes a Medium Duty for the springs. I would definately recommend them, the ride is fantastic. I used to be able to almost bottom out my rear by standing on my tow hitch, now it moves maybe 1/2 and inch. Paired with the OME shocks it has worked great.
  4. Thanks. Yea, just the rear was installed. OME is upgrading the design of the front struts so I am waiting for thoose to hit the States. I have been told they should be available some time next month. The rear picked up about 2 to 2.5 inches, but the stock springs were shot so I am sure it was sagging. I think when they settle it will probably be about .5 to 1 inch over stock.
  5. Here are a few photos from the install today. BEFORE: PARTS: AXLE LOWERED: OLD VERSUS NEW: DONE: All in all it took about 3 hours start to finish with a brief trip to the computer for torque values. Definitely, a worth while investment, ride is so much better.
  6. New rear OME shocks and springs going on the Pathfinder today.

  7. What are you gonna install it to? I am assuming the bracket that it bolts into is rusted as well.
  8. I didn't think I'd ever see an 02 with less miles than mine...I have 65K. And in NJ no less. Out of curiosity what did your dealership charge you to threadlock the power valve screws?
  9. I am noticing that in the service manual the bolts for the rear shocks have an 'X' next to them. Does anyone know if this means they should not be reused? Thanks in advance.
  10. The back pressure wouldn't be a problem, I would worry more about the heat melting the carpet above. As for prices you'd probably pay less to have someone sleeve the 2 pieces back together than to run a straight pipe out. Less material, you have 3 resonators and 1 muffler, the 2 front resonators [these are usually CATs in Cali] (Nissan calls front tube) are also notorious for splitting at the seems, this would be another area I would keep an eye one. Nissan has a TSB out for it.
  11. Pathfinders and Maxima's are notorius for rusting at that joint. It is a disimilar metals issue between the stainless exhaust and the non stainless bracket. Any decent exhaust shop should be able to sleeve that back on with a stainless tube for about $80 (at least in NJ that is what it cost). Most of the places I called new exactly what I was takling about when I called. I wouldn't spend money on an aftermarket as then don't tend to last as long.
  12. This is what I have been able to find which would allow for the hook up of 3 gauges, NISsport Oil Pressure Adapter I can only think of oil pressure and temp, and allow me to keep the switch installed which controls the oil light, which appears to only come on when the oil pressure reaches 0psi. Which is probably too late to save the engine in most cases. So now I just need to track down the gauge and sender that I would like to use. The whole thing should probbaly cost about $200.
  13. Thanks for the replys, I'll look around and see what I can come up with.
  14. Has anyone ever installed an oil pressure gauge on the VQ? If so did you go with mechanical or electronic? What kit did you use? Thanks in Advance.
  15. So, in considering options for struts to pair with OME front springs I decided to e-mail ARB to ask about the front struts being listed as shocks on thier site and many others. The response I got back is below. "Robert, That's just an error. Although, struts are basically coil over shocks. I think Australia tends to use "Shock" where here in the states we use "Strut" to differentiate. The N143S and N144S have been superceded. It's a long story, but they had to be redesigned. I have had some customers waiting a long time for these. We just got news from Australia that the new part numbers are N145S and N146S. I don't even have pricing yet, but the ETA out of the factory to Australia is late November. We hope to see them in the states a couple months later. So, check back as we get closer, we will eventually have a firm date. We do have the other components for the suspension. Thanks, Duffy Biggs" So if anyone is considering going with the OME struts to match the spring rate and lenght of the OME springs looks like they won't be in till next year.
  16. Send a message to Alkorahil (Rob). He should be able to help you out.
  17. ok earthquake, I needed a little after lunch wake up call..

  18. Just make sure you get the part numbers correct....the HD front springs are OME2928 and the MD are OME2923. I think I recall people being confused by Rocky Road's description of thier Heavy Duty springs that really ended up being the Medium Duty.
  19. Awesome Qx4donald. This is great information and exactly what I have been looking for. I don't think I would mind the white shocks so much. Thanks for the info, now I just need to get the newest recall checked out and I can go about ordering my new suspension.
  20. Thanks for the part numbers, gonna try to order everything up next week. Still trying to figure out exactly which OEM parts i need for the mounts.
  21. Also, does anyone know the part number for Bilstein shocks for the R50?
  22. Hey All, I'm getting ready to buy my OME lift. I'm planning on getting the Springs from Rugged Rocks: OME2928 Heavy Load for the Fronts OME2922 Medium Load for the Rear I seem to recall people having problems with the OME shocks and recommending the KB GR2's and Gas-a-Justs, is that accurate? Are KYB 335035, KYB 335056 and KYB 343379 the correct part numbers for those? Also, I know I need to get new OEM strut mounts and bearings, would anyone happen to know the part numbers for those? Thanks in advance,

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