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  1. Here are a few pictures of my r50, I’ll do my best to upload more recent photos, it’s a bit tricky uploading pictures with an iPhone so I have some links below https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216927979897035&id=1391741976&set=pob.1391741976&source=49&ref=bookmarks https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10213680316827488&id=1391741976&set=a.1266838476360&source=56&ref=bookmarks https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10213609758463573&id=1391741976&set=a.1266838476360&source=56&ref=bookmarks https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10210705632942250&id=1391741976&set=a.1266838476360&source=56&ref=bookmarks
  2. Just wanted to reflect over what I’ve learned from this forum. When I joined I was 16 in high school with a stock pathfinder and was clueless. Now I’m 25 with the same pathfinder and it’s about as built up as it can be until I go custom fab with it. Through reaserch and communication I have been able to build my pathfinder into what it is today. I feel that this forum is so much better than any Facebook group or things of that nature. I have joined some of these groups recently and I have found that all it is is people who have no idea what they are talking about making posts and wanting there car magically diagnosed and everyone asking questions about what lift I have or what size tires I have or how many miles are on my car etc etc etc when I have answered the question time after time and made posts about my build info. It made me realize how lazy people are and the lack of reaserch that is performed in order to make your dream pathfinder a reality. I just wanted to take a moment to thank people for telling newbies to go do homework before asking questions, that all the answers are literally right on this very forum and that it’s easy to find and get answers without bothering everyone with simple questions. I now have a coil lift with a sub frame drop, full belly skid plates, supersliders, locking hubs, 33s, and an endless list of other modifications, it took many years of hard work and experimentation but without this forum I would be where I am today. Here’s to those who have walked the same line as me and built their dream with the help of this forum. Cheers.
  3. mine do this i just hit the top of the dash hard enough in the right spot and they come right on
  4. do you have camber bolts installed on your rig? Mabey they need adjustment?
  5. Soooo, Lately ive been hearing a slight wine and croak from my power steering or what i believe to be my power steering. Ive checked my fuild and it seems to be in check. My question is how long do our power steering pumps usually last until they need replacing. If it helps the truck is a 2001 se with 99,000 on the clock. Thanks _mike
  6. i really love how your wheels complement the truck, same with those jdm headlights! the lift and tires look sweeeeet! awesome rig man!
  7. thank you for your support!
  8. just ordered new sway bar end links from moog, does anyone know if tthey need to be greased upon installation or do they come pre greased from the factory?

  9. 2. http://4x4design.com/Pathfinder_R50_96-04.html -keep scrolling down and you'll find the most bulletproof lower rear control arms ive ever seen
  10. when i took mine off there was excessive amounts of sand and dirt from the trails, add water to the mixture and it crates rust, its worth it to them off and clean em out
  11. Bars like these are great for mounting lights and such, but if i were you i would save my pennies and buy a full steel beefy bumper from a company like A.R.B. When you hit something with a bar like what you suggested, all its going to do is cause more damage to your rig. What you want is something that is protective, and is going to last. But the final decision is up to you.
  12. our trucks love to rust under the fender flares, be sure to check that there is no excessive rot that might be hiding underneath them.
  13. im no expert, but my buddy had that same problem and it turned out to be a spacer issue.
  14. as you get more into wheelin your pathfinder its always a good idea to throw some skid plates under it. food for thought
  15. led license plate light swap

  16. good trail buliding and riding day

  17. thank you guys so much for your help, ill post some pics of the new tires when i get them
  18. so my birthday is in roughly a month and im getting some new meat with the money i get. I have narrowed my selection down to a set of BFG all terrains and general grabber at2's. I was wondering if anybody has had these tires, and if they could give me thier opinion on them. thanks.
  19. $500 for new brakes gahhh!

    1. OldSlowReliable


      if its all four corners, thats actually a decent price....

    2. nunya


      As long as it's not just pads/shoes.

  20. When I took mine off, I only broke one on both sides of the front, and I was able to get relatively the same tab things at auto zone.
  21. even if a performance muffler says its reversable, will it crate back pressure? its a dual in single out

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