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  1. thats the next step. after that im installing a separate little light if i cant find the issue.
  2. all the lights come on when u turn the key, all the lights stay on until i turn on the head or parking lights and the gauges work all the time
  3. been a while since ive been on here. i replaced dimmer switch and still no go...
  4. hopefully going to the you pull yard here this week. ill deff get one or rig on up =] thanks for your help guys ill keep ya posted.
  5. i have stock red ones i dont need
  6. good to know! time to switch em up!
  7. ehh hacked up job and wires touching when installing another stereo. result in popping fuses
  8. alright so i have no dash lights that come on and the fuse is fine, have tail lights, and a dome light. i was wondering where after the fuse would its next stop is. i pulled the dash out and the bulbs are fine. i noticed i put a tad of a bigger fuse and im thinking i burnt something up but no sure where to look past the fuse. thankss
  9. reading stickys in a few pages. goood @!*% to know!!

  10. http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/parts/partsProduct.jsp?displayName=Spark+Plug&itemId=33-0&navValue=14200033&parentId=42-0&productId=179322&fromString=&itemIdentifier=179322_107457_0_&filterByKeyWord=&categoryNValue=&isSearchByPartNumber=&categoryDisplayName=RoutineMaintenance&store=1280&skuDescription=Bosch-Platinum4/SparkPlug&fromWhere=&searchText=&_requestid=2512519 thats what i run^ but i get them for nothing

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