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  1. Haha I thought about it, but there are boot size holes of rust in some spots, and the Pathy already is on it's second heart. If this truck wasn't originally from BC the body might have been a bit of a better situation and I would be more interested.
  2. Well I thought I would update you guys, I tried out the distributor thing and it doesn't spin when I crank the motor so the timing belt snapped.. WTF! It was changed last year, oh well, I have a guy dropping by tomorrow to see if he will take the whole thing as is to make some cash off of this. Thanks for all the help though guys!
  3. Well so far I have purchased my Pathy twice in repairs in the last two months woohoo! So the other day I decided to take the Partsfinder out for a spin after battling off another case of tonsillitis. While driving down a road doing about 40km/h with the ambient temp around -18c the motor stalls and will crank and crank but no start. Nothing looks to be out of the ordinary however a while ago a slow coolant leak had developed. I am not familiar with the common issues of the truck so don't be afraid to point out the common issues And I will post up some photos for your viewing pleasure... enjoy
  4. I would have compared the bearings vs. the new one except the old set came out in about 40 pieces. I will get a new set from Nissan, see if the ID is much bigger, it's confusing that the bearing cup pressed in perfect to both sides of the hub.
  5. I tried that and it only goes halfway until the spindle gets too wide, about 3" from the inside of the spinde, did they sell me the wrong bearing, the cup pressed in perfect to the hub :s and the outer bearing I tried and it cant even make it over the threads of the spindle.
  6. Hi all, After spending $1800 on the Partsfinder getting the tranny all back in order, Driving home I managed to grenade another wheel bearing. No big deal I need to learn to do this anyways, it seems to happen often. Anyways I took off everything, Pressed in new inner and outer grease seals and tried to slide the rotor+hub onto the spinle. the rear bearing seems to stop on the spindle almost 3/4" too soon, so now I can't thread on the wheel bearing lock plate. I picked up these parts from Canadian tire, but they seem to fit well in the hub so I'm at a loss as to what is wrong. All help is greatly appreciated. Nick Hawkeye

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