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  1. it's all good now and running, the sparky made some brushes up as you can't buy them here
  2. got it out in the morning with better light, undoing the 2 oilpan brackets that hold the trans lines made it a piece of cake getting it in and out with that shield on rh drive and i dropped the steering arm, doing that and undoing the 2 brackets are key
  3. Hi i have a 95 teranno V6 auto.I've read the how to sticky. I've removed the wheel, oil filter,loosened the tranny lines, no skid plate and i've dropped the drag link. The only way i can see it coming out is forward but for the life of me it doesn't want to come. I disconnected the oil pressure wire but left the others on and fed them thru. Does anyone have a pic of where the 3 screws holding the solenoid shield are located
  4. Hey thanks for that, sometimes started when i tapped the solenoid. Spoke to an old school sparky who thinks the brushes need replacing
  5. My solenoid is getting power when i put a test light on it and turn the key, there is no clicking nor does the starter turn over. The cable going from the battery to the starter seems ok too. Does this mean my starter is stuffed. What trips the starter to turn over, is it the solenoid
  6. Can i test my starter while still in the vehicle. What i've done is connect a wire to the black/ purple solenoid wire to the battery +. Getting nothing from the starter just sparking where i'm connecting the wire Should i be doing something else thx
  7. thanks for all the replies especially to ahardbody and towncivilian it looks like the the exhaust temp light
  8. thanks for that it is the same as the exhaust temp light. Do you know where i can locate ihe inhibitor relaY
  9. The rear defogger might be it. The reason i was asking is because all of a sudden the starter won't turn over. i get a a click. After a bit of research on here i think i'll try the relay mod that others have done with great results. Gotta say greast site you guys have here it's a credit to ya, it's enabled me to me to get out of a bind before
  10. hi i have a 95 terrano v6 auto Between the doors open symbol and the parking/emergency brake symbol there is another symbol [ for want of a better word] that kind of looks like a round muffler that has 5 lines above it. Can someone tell me what that one represents thx Brett
  11. Forgot to add this is a terrano which i think is also known as a pathfinder. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the trans inhibitor switch and if there is some way to bypass it
  12. Hi I have a 95 v6 auto. Since yesterday i have been having problems starting it. The starter won't engage, what i get is a loud click behind the dash when the key is turned.Sometimes it does start Lights and everthing else work fine Also the dash symbols what does the one between the doors open symbol and the emergency brake symbol mean. It looks like a round muffler [ for want of a better description ]with 5 wriggley lines above it thx Brett
  13. Hi I need to change the plugs and leads on my 95 terrano 3 litre. Is it much of a job to remove the inlet manifold and do i need to install some sort of sealant to the gasket when i reinstall. Lastly what plugs and plug gap would you recommend. Thanks for looking
  14. Well i've got an engine hoist so i'll be right there.I'm gonna leave it leave it in for now so any potential buyer can test it then i;ll keep ya posted to how i got on and thanks again for the replies Cheers Brett
  15. ok if i get the sump high enough i can get the motor out with the trans connected, is that correct

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