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  1. Gday guys and girls. Well I am getting ready to pull the engine out so that I can rebuild it. The workshop manual says to take the transmission out to remove the engine. In the past I have never had to do this with other vehicles just wondering if anyone has removed the engine before and has got any tips. Cheers Matt
  2. Well I put a starter motor back in it today and jump started it. sat for that long and fire almost straight away. with bend rods it sounded like an old diesel but it ran no worries. cant kill a Nissan. I have an 80 series Diesel landcruiser as well. Very tempting to put an ls3 in but with the local laws it will cost me way too much to get it engineered and registered.
  3. Hi guys and Pezzy. Has been a few years since I have been on here (since I sunk my pathy and stuffed the motor) I picked the old girl up today from my fathers where she hasnt moved for over 2 1/2 years. Im going to be rebuilding the motor and fixing up the transmission and doing plenty more along the way, I will keep you all posted on my progress and hopefully get back up the bush in a Nissan and get rid of the toyota.
  4. I'll send you over a jar of Vegemite and a pack of Tim Tams. hehe
  5. Hi guys and girls, Well I have noticed that quite a few of you now have sliders. I was wondering if someone could give me the meausrements and or drawings for them. It would be way to expensive to have some shipped out here to Australia. Thanks in advance if you could help me out. Cheers, Matt
  6. Congrats Pezzy. So when are you going to get some chunky muddies for your baby?
  7. Hi, My pathy used to have fog lights on it. Where they had been spliced into the original loom managed to short out and cause a fire under the hood. I ended up Buying a Piranha Off Road super loom which has a trigger wire for driving lights. If you could find a Male H4 connector (the same as the back of a headlight globe) I could give you the measurements to make your own. It plugs into the orginal headlight socket and wires to the battery. This loom made my headlights alot brighter than the original. P.S. If you find somewhere the sells the male H4 connectors can you let me know. Thanks.
  8. Gday guys & Gals, Well I had a fire under the hood during the week. The jackass's that had the pathy before I bought it had fog lights on the car and removed them. They left all the wiring in place. I have had the car for nearly 2 years and where they spliced the headlight harness it shorted out. If anyone has a diagram of an upgraded headlight harness I would be much appreciated to see it. Cheers, Matt
  9. Gday guys and girls, Wow looking at some of these pics all i can say is "wholly crap batman". I dont know if you guys have these in the states but have a look any way. http://www.couplertec.com.au/product/4wd.html Hopefully we dont loose to many beloved pathies to the metal worms. If the cabin and interior are good why not buy a good rail from a wrecking yard down south. just a thought dont know what the laws are there in doing so but here in Austalia you can do it aslong as you can prove that your purchased it from a legal source.
  10. Hi guys. My friend that i am staying with has a pathy, so snosnk if you want to catch up and go wheelin let us know. Venge and Pezzy great to see you in th pcoa forums.
  11. Heres a few pics of my Pathy.
  12. I am going to be staying in Gooding, ID. Will be heading down to Indianapolis for the brickyard 400. after that no real plans just go where ever the wind takes me.
  13. Hey guys & Girls, Im coming to the States from July 18 till August 18. I was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up and maybe if we could organise a group to go out with. I will be based in Idaho but will be travelling around. No real plans made. Anyhow let me know as I am interested in meeting you guys and girls. OzMattie
  14. -bounce- I'm an Aussie -bounce- I'm in Melbourne
  15. It may be a long shot but some guys down here in the land of Oz have had knocking and vibrations. check this out http://pcoa.org.au/forumtemp/viewtopic.php?t=655
  16. Hi guys, I ended up putting 140w Limslip diff oil in my rear diff. The LSD is now alot more aggresive and being so muddy on the trails over here at the moment it is awsome. Capacities for the diffs are: front :4 3/8US pt (2.05 Lts) Rear: 5 7/8 US pt (2.8 Lts)
  17. Man you must be pissed!!! From what I have seen on ARB bars there is a weld that should be behind the rubber on the front. That weld usually cracks with an impact to the side. I have seen quite a few ARB bars around here that have done it. (Living near ARB headquaters and my fiance's cousin is a design engineer there)(Sorry guys you could still probably get better prices than what i can get). I hope you beat the lying so & so over this. Good luck
  18. Hi. im not sure about your first problem but your seond problem could be an ABS sensor. If the wires were strectched with the lift there may be a lose wire. the other thing it may be is that with the added body roll if turning reasonably hard a wheel may be losing contact with the ground ever so slightly and the ABS is trying to compensate.
  19. HI guys, Thought I would give this a go in my 96. Transfer case in Neutral and transmission in Neutral no light. When I put the transmission into park the light came on and something didnt sound happy. so I quickly put it back into neutral.
  20. Ok all sorted out the 15 flash's was my Throttle position sensor. It made the transmission do all sorts of wierd stuff. all fixed now and running better than ever.
  21. The flashing codes usually go in 10 flash blocks. there will be one flash that is longer than the others. next time it happens count the flashes and which one is longer. I cant find anything about 15 flashes which has me stumped. I think that my torque converter is cactus and that is what the thumping noise is. I have spent 2 hours trying to see or find anything else that can be making the thump but to no avail. I guess it is of to the stealership in the morning to see if there are any codes.
  22. -bounce- -bounce- Sure the noise wasnt your neighbours cat
  23. G'day guys and pezzy. :furious: My transmisson has started to playup. I get a thumping noise (sounds like the exhaust hitting the floor) when I crank the pathy over and get 15 short flash's of the OD light. Does anyone know what the 15 flashs mean? Cant find it in my manual because it only talks about consult. Any help would be much appreciated.
  24. That would depend on the zero point on the cam. it sounds to me that the problem is that the lifters/cam followers are losing contact with the cam.
  25. Hi 98silver, Do you have the specs on the cams you installed? The duration may be part of the problem more duration = less vacuum. The other thing is that it clacks like a train passing by this is more than likely due to the grind of the cam. I was talking to my cam specialist today as we are trying to nut out a decent spec for my cams. you have to have the rocker bars machined so the lifters sit a little lower. What I would say that is happening to yours is the lifter is losing contact with the cam and as the cam comes back around it gives it a decent hit therefore making the clacking sound. I think that there is 2 different types of heads for our beloved pathy's one has cam blocks which need machining and the other you have to machine the rocker bars. Once we have worked out our cam specs or you want a cam ground to your specs I can get them done here and freighted to your door for alot less than $500us

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