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  1. I had this mounted on a 2000 Pathfinder, and then brought it over to the 2002
  2. In your opinion, is it worth the extra expense to go to 4.63 on a 3.5L? Currently have the stock 4.3, I believe. Will be doing lift to run 32's/33's. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, the temperature gauge does not move until you're about 175 F and stays where its at, halfway point, until 220 F. A lot can happen in the meantime. Pass 220 F, it will shoot up to just before max. The $50 ultra-gauge has saved me on two occasions now.
  4. Replaced the radiator cap and that was it! Took it for a drive on the highway, mountain roads, and the temp was between 185 and 200F. Thanks all!
  5. This morning I discovered that the coolant in the coolant reservoir was 3" from overflowing, way past the max limit and the radiator is empty. I think that could be the reason why. I am gonna get that checked out this weekend. I will be buying premix coolant for the meantime.
  6. I see. My temp needle stays at 40-50% on normal driving 75-80 mph at 3000-3250 rpm (5-speed). The ultra-gauge reading goes between 195 and 215 F. It jumps from 199 to 203 to 206 to 210 and maybe back to 203, etc. At once instant, when doing 80 mph uphill with lights and stereo/amp/sub turned on, the temperature went up to 230F and that was when the needle went to 60-70%. As soon as I turned them off, the temperature came back down to 205-210F and so was the temp gauge needle. I am thinking a weak alternator or possible replace the fan clutch first (I know it is going bad and I thought I can get a few more months out of it).
  7. The temp needle operates normally, and stays halfway or slightly below halfway under normal driving condition.
  8. Guys, what is the normal engine operating temperature on the 3.5L (2001-2004 Pathfinder)? When pushed hard, i.e going 80 mph uphills, the engine temp needle stays the same whereas the ultra-gauge, plugged in to OBD 2, shows 220F. On norma driving, it varies between 200-210F. On the old pathfinder with 3.3L, it was only between 190 and 210F, maybe 215F on a super hot day and today was cold and chilly. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have just purchased a 2002 Pathfinder SE, 5-speed, 3.5L. Two codes came up today as I was doing 80 mph uphill: P0011 and P0022. I have read the forums about possible causes, such as camshaft position sensors, timing solenoid???, low oil level, dirty oil. Oil level is good and it is clean. What other possible causes it might be? The mechanic suggests resetting the CEL and see if it comes back on. But I don't think that really solves the problem. Also, does anyone do the powervalve screws fix? I have called a few Nissan dealers in Los Angeles and they have not heard of powervalve screws failures. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I replaced the oil pan because the drain plug broke, and the stick stuck because they didn't remove it prior to putting the new pan in.
  11. Normally I put in 4 qt with new filter and when its time for next oil change, I get around 2.75-3 qt in the jug. I figured the rest might just be soaked in the filter. Do you happen to know if removing the dipstick guide is a big job?
  12. Hi guys, I had a local shop replaced the oil pan back in June and this is on a 3.3L V6 - 2000 Pathfinder. I found out that the oil dipstick is stuck because they did not remove it prior to installing the oil pan. The dipstick sticks 3" out of the guide and its stuck for good. The motor runs strong and has clocked in 5000 mi. since then. As I could not check the oil level, I added 0.5 Qt. at 2500 mi. Today, when I braked and made a left turn, the low engine oil pressure light came on for a brief second and went off. So I added another 0.5 Qt. I am going to get an oil change next week. When the pathfinder had a function dipstick, the oil level was always at full and so I am not sure if the truck is burning oil. Maybe it just evaporates? Is it possible to remove the dipstick guide, trim the stuck dipstick, put the new dipstick into the guide? I do not plan to keep the truck much longer and would prefer to avoid having to reinstall the oil pan. Thanks in advanced.
  13. Nice find! Any idea how much the body shop would quote you to cut and weld the replacement pieces? Thanks
  14. My ABS light is on, haven't pulled the code, i'm pretty sure my abs isn't working. Sometime when it rains or after carwash, the ABs light would go off for a while and come back on, haha... But no clunking noise until recent rainfal (it rains like twice a year here) Ill replace the druver side bushings and see if itll fix. Thanks for the note on the passenger side bushing. I always thought if it moves, I'll see shiny metal.
  15. Hi all, I hear clunking noise from the front end only during hard braking, not accelerating, and a lot more pronounce when it rains. If i brake slowly, no noise. If i slam on the brake, the car nose dives and clunks... Doesn't matter the speed. ans only happens when it rains. I've read previous threads and it could be everything. The mechanic has checked the ball joints, cvs, tie rods, wheel bearings. No front sway bar, and one steering bushing under the oil filter is gone - could this be it? SFD and strut spacers bolts seem tight. I'm thinking maybe the steering rack is moving (theres a clunk or two when i turn slowly in the parking lot, so i think the rack moves but theres no scratch mark) or maybe the brake pads? I'm clueless. Thanks.
  16. Thanks guys! I think I'll return the Nissan 1217H (it costs $15) and either get the Permatex Ultra Grey or Permatex Right Stuff Grey.
  17. Hi all, I am bring the Pathy to the mechanic to replace the oil pan. Its a 3.3L 2000 Pathfinder. I have purchased the oil pan, two half-moon gaskets, and OEM Nissan 1217 gasket maker. Does anyone know the cure time for the liquid gasket? In short, can I leave the car for a few hours for the silicone to dry, then fill up the oil, and drive back home instead of waiting for a full 24 hours? I have also read good reviews with quick drying time for Right Stuff vs Ultra Grey vs Ultra Black. Anyone used these products before instead of the oem nissan ones? Thanks,
  18. Thanks! I have plans to sandblast and repaint/line-x the front bumper, then color match (most likely line-x) the fenders and rear bumper to it.
  19. Yes, the timing belt was due for replacement and since they had to get the fan clutch out of the way, that was also replaced.
  20. I had the timing belt replaced last week and the garage charged me $600 as well for labor, and the last three items: belts and hoses. Timing belt Water pump and water pump gasket Thermostat Tensioner and tensioner spring Fan clutch Camshaft and crankshaft seals A/C belt, power steering belt, Radiator hoses The guy said its a good idea to replace the air intake hoses, there are four of them, since the rubber was hardened. But I didn't have it at the time. Its my believe that all nissan vehicles have knock sensor code, and there's no need to fix it?
  21. Turned out to be the fan clutch like rick suggested. Now that that's fixed and new timing belt, etc., I can hear the a/c compressor going bad. One thing after another...
  22. Hi all, I have a 2000 pathfinder with 3.3L. For the past two months, the noise from the engine gets really loud as if its trying to suck a massive amount of air. Its similar to a fan noise. Even though I'm doing 2000-2500 rpm, the truck sounds like its doing 3500-4000 rpm. It gets significantly louder as the rpm increases. The rpm and engine temperature are normal. It does this whether the a/c is turned on or shut off. Recently, this giant fan noise sometime goes away and is replaced by squealing noise, as if something is slipping??? Earlier tonight, as I drove around 30 mph, the squealing noise came back. Intuitively, I tapped on the brake and the clutch to slow down. As the noise went away, the giant fan noise came back and the rpm increased without me stepping on the gas. The timing belt was last done at 220,000 km (Canadian truck). It now has 373,000 km and is due soon. Could this be the problem or is there something else that needs attention? Alternator belt was replaced in September. I also have a leaking power steering pump. The pump is wet, but its not leaking power steering fluid. the power steering fluid will drop 1/2 (between max and min) every four months. I was also told by the mechanic that my ABS pump is leaking that it triggers the ABS light, but not dripping brake fluid though. Thanks in advance!

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