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  1. True about the 15s and the calipers. But I've also read in other threads where guys hit the caliper with a grinder and shave them a little to fit them.
  2. MY 03 SE just turned 168,000 yesterday. Still a CHAMP!
  3. Changed mine on my 03 Pathy at 146,000...they needed it...well rounded tips on the old plugs.
  4. 1/4 tank or so at least....he's been Nissan certified for 20 years....I'll take his advice. Running it dry every now and then won't hurt them...but constantly running them to the point of being dry will take it's toll on them. I work in a chemical plant with submersible pumps...they like liquid around them too or they'll eventually burn up
  5. I try not to let mine get that low...the fuel pump is in the tank and it depends on the gasoline around it to keep it cool...my brother-in-law is a Nissan mechanic and he told that.
  6. Thank you gentlemen...I found a blower/motor assembly online that was very reasonably priced...I'll get some filters, too!
  7. Hi all....quick question...my blower motor is making noise and I believe it's about to go...still moves air but very noisy. How hard is it to replace (where is it? easy access?) and where is the best place to get one. I think I can do it myself...
  8. I have that problem as well. I installed a set of Airlift airbags inside my springs and that did the trick. Even with your new springs I would put a set on just to offset the tongue weight of your boat....
  9. Mine broke in that joint on Christmas Eve last year...went to local muffler shop and they make a piece to weld right back in there. Cost me 45 bucks and 20 minutes....
  10. My 03 Pathy SE has 136,000 miles on her.....she's a pit bull! No issues with mine...I tow 2 ATVs regularly...I use Mobil 1 oil and I live in West Virginia where they salt the road when it frosts! I don't run a lift but I do run bigger tires...
  11. No...I haven't tried that yet but I will before I start shelling out big bucks for internal engine work. That's a good idea there....thanks!
  12. My '03 Pathy has 131,000 miles on it...started towing ATV's with it recently and was wanting to install some type of performance cam. Wondering what I should install??? Any suggestions?? Only towing around 3000 lbs. if that much, so i'm well below the 5000lb tow limit...
  13. I just switched back down to 87octane and didn't notice a change in my mileage. I get 16 mpg in my 03 with either grade. The fuel door and manual say that premium fuel is "recommended for maximum performance". I had no knock or hesitation when I made the change, although I did run about 4 tanks of mid-grade to kind of step it down. I've got 129,000 miles on it and I'm getting ready to change the plugs, flush the transmission, and changed the rear diff. oil. Everything else has been done as far as tune-up is concerned. Runs fine on the 87 octo.....
  14. Bearings changed (good quality NAPA bearings)....noise gone. One race had a pit in it and the bearings hadn't been packed very well, kinda dry really.... All's well now!!!

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